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S K Naresh ( Retd Commander)
S K Naresh ( Retd Commander)

S K Naresh ( Retd Commander)

President & Head - Strategic Support Unit, Human Resources



S K Naresh ( Retd Commander) is a member of:

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Insights Of Your Company and Its HR Strategies
KMC construction Limited is a premium infrastructure company headquartered in Hyderabad. We commenced our operations in the year 1970. Today our projects are located across India. We are mainly into construction of multi-lane highways, bridges, airport runways etc.

HR strategies at KMC:

•To attract talent: In today’s scenario, getting the best talent is becoming intensely competitive. In order to face the market, we have adopted a concept of Buy and Build, We are focused on laying a sound foundation for our growth and invest to build fresh talent from campuses matching the skill-sets required to achieve business success. Once we identify the talent, the next stage is to start training them according to our needs and make them comfortable to do their jobs and stay long with us. We buy from market to fill up gaps due to attrition etc.
•Compensation and benefits: We review our comp & benefits once in a year for the welfare of employees.
•Standard operating Procedures: We follow certain documented procedures laid down as SOP’s. The focus is to channelize that help all the employees to follow - a guideline for the their day to day operations avoiding uncertainties.
•Recruitment Process: This industry being seasonal in nature, the entire recruitment process is flexible and is tailored according to the changing needs of the company
Other than the above strategies, we have career-development programs for employees, an appraisal system that helps to increase the productivity of manpower and also helps to retain talent with us.
Fresh Trends in HR
The role of HR is changing at the backdrop  of innovations in technology and due to the flattening of Global marketplace, This has given us  an opportunity to play a more strategic role.
Companies  across  the Globe are giving  increasing focus and importance to HR,  HR today has moved from being a support unit to partner role in OD.

The expectations too has increased on the other hand.  From delivering value in terms of organizational effectiveness, talent management, change management, leadership development, succession planning, strategic compensation, work-life balance, HR today plays a strategic contributor role towards managing company bottom lines. An example being the Manpower outsourcing model to effectively manage costs.
Obstacles in Planning Human Resources
Human Resource planning involves exactly identifying how many people will be needed to fill positions the organization at the right time.

  • Unfortunately, due to uncertainties (Demand and supply) in the market and changing dynamic in working environment, HR  finds it difficult to fill critical positions.

  • Attracting qualified and required  talent as per the company’s requirement has also become one the biggest challenge.

  • It is  becoming difficult to  ensure the right employees are retained . a challenge that is experienced by almost every industry/ sector

  • A mindset challenge where the Top-management is under impression that Human Resources still is a cost-center.
Manage low-attrition rate has become a mammoth hurdle which all HR’s are trying to cross and reach the organizational goals.
Biggest Pain Point
My biggest pain point is when attrition rate gets high! Sometimes, it happens, one employee links up with another and leaves the organization leaving a void and little time to find a right talent. The concern is more when the resource is critical resource for the company. Our industry is getting into a tech savvy mode. There is very little Knowledge documentation and exit barriers are bare minimum. The challenge we face s across this lifeline industry is to stop this erosion of critical talent.
Means To Motivate Employees
In our company, we always give importance to appreciate employees for their job performance by giving them increments, promotion. Other then monetary increments, we give value and respect to their role and responsibility. We also hand hold the manpower with giving various  new projects and assignments that challenges, encourages to stay & contribute  to the company apart from self growth.
Criteria To Hire People
I look mainly at two things:
1. How important and serious is role for him/her, career interests and whether the candidate is keen to grow.
2. Reasons for seeking change in employment.

Identifying Potential Leaders
For identifying leaders: At the beginning of the year, AOP’s and targets are worked and specified to Head of the Departments (HOD’s). The assessment is in periodic manner. KRA’s are defined for every employee based upon which the appraisal system is conducted.

We have also established assessment centre where Key Resources are identified and are taken to next level.
Certain competencies like technical capability, their behavior, a leadership skills help to identify fast trackers and promote them to the next level to take higher responsibilities.
Views On Gen Y-Leadership
According to me, Gen-Y are making up an increasing proportion of the Global work-force tapping into knowledge, skills and talents that helps to attain organization success. In order to engage them into Organization culture and Leadership,  It is important to find their their job fitment in organization has to be identified rightly, train them accordingly. Gen-Y like to be valued, recognized and appreciated for their work. So in order to engage them in organization, we should give them challenging and different assignments and to the extent possible, try to find projects for them to work on, that stretch their abilities and represent new frontiers for the organization.
Technique Adopted To Recruit and Retain Generation Y

Like I said earlier, Gen – Y are completely
different from other Generations,  they
are ambitious, ever tiring, self-motivated and quick learners, In the same way
to recruit Gen-Y recruiting strategies are also different, i.e usage of social
sites like LinkedIn, facebook etc  are in
vogue. I avoid long assessing process to recruit them. In the whole recruiting
process I assess their value system, their ideas, mission and basing on  encourage them to demonstrate their
capabilities that attracts them to join the company.

Secondly, to retain Gen-Y, best way is to be
blunt, they always want to know whether they are doing the task correctly or
wrongly, If they did correct appreciate them, provide mentors that  helps cultivate and build them  as part of organization culture as they expect

Retaining OR Fresh Hiring
It is always better to retain employees vs fresh hiring as they know their roles, responsibilities and expectations and are familiar with the company.  Fresh  hiring always leads to gaps and lag in the system. Then we need to cater for high cost as well as cater for time  and effort in train and mentoring the  fresh hires. Empowerment is also a critical factor to be addressed in case of Fresh Hiring.
Preferred Promotional System
We follow a proper appraisal system, where in high performers are promoted to next level. It is always important to set targets for the Year and assess them for the same.

Things Employees Should Ponder Upon With Respect to The Contemporary Working Scenario
There is a lot of difference in attitude of today’s employee from a decade ago. Responsibilities today are far more complex in nature than past. However there is a lack of consistency in job; the trend to shift jobs by night without actually thinking about career and cons is a point to ponder. The lack of focus, patience, delivery and seriousness about job is questionable. According to me, employees should focus more on their career and plan accordingly, and should try to work to attain company goals and add value to the entire organization while developing themselves.

Advice Or Suggestions To Fellow HRs
Well, my advice to fellow HRs is to understand the vast and challenging Global market and adopt strategies that would help attain competitive advantage. To maintain quality in entire environment and follow innovative techniques for performance improvement, compensation and benefits that ultimately motivates employees to excel.
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