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Ram Rama Sewa Sansthan Rrss
Ram Rama Sewa Sansthan Rrss

Ram Rama Sewa Sansthan Rrss

Social Work

Researching The World

Important decision
The Most Important Decision Was To Put Myself Out From The Comfortable Zone. That Is Only Possible When You Dig & Feed Every Day. Generally People Say We Want To Settle Ourselves But I Think The Moment You Think About Settlement In Your Life And Career You Become Full Stop. When Your Life Is Not Certain How You Can Think About Certainty.
My achievements
I Bring Hope In Others When They Are Most Disappointed In Their Life. That Is My Biggest Achievement And I Always Proud of This.
Degree that I recommend
Knowledge Is Power. No Degree Make You Successful Till You Are Not Focused To Your Goal. Consistency In Your Job Is An Essential Tool For Success In Life.
Important lesson learned
Walk everywhere to get insight of life and set your goal and be focused until it's completion. Please do not compare yourself from others because everyone have their different value system, motives, goals. So always try to compare yourself from your past and try to improve than before, Do always your SWOT(Strength Weakness Opportunity Threats)Analysis and ask yourself you are like or disliking yourself. If you are liking then definitely you are on the right track. It boosts your positive self esteem. Which is only demanded in this beautiful world else you are over...
Initiative to develop a country
Only Transformation Leader Can Help India Not Transaction Leader... But These Days I Personally Observe That 99% Entrepreneur are Transaction Leader And Self Centered. Their Motive Is Only Growth Of Company Not Sustainable Development...
More about myself

Once You Are Bored From Your Life Please Visit Slums/Needy Section And Have A Conversation With Him.. You Will Think There Is A Lot To Do In this World Other Then Routine Work...
Thoughts on Education system of our country
The Worst Education System In All The Most Ten Developing Countries In The World And It Requires A lot Of Reformation.... I Cant Tell You Now Once My Research Will Be Over I Will Not Share It Only But Also Try To Implement
Ensuring success
Check and Balances!
I always try to evaluate myself in the line of existing resources. If something is wrong than i go to remind me my past achievements, my parent, related, friends's trust & expectation on me and more important as assets of earth not liability. Again i recharged. As we know once we have a positive idea we are equipped with lots of positiveness while we have a negative idea we are equipped with a lots of negativeness.
My strongest skill
Whatever I Do,I Do It By Heart
Brief description about me
Give me a chance to grow up
Have a chance to grow up
World is beautiful
You are beautiful
Beauty is in you

My Interest is in Blogging, Social Activism, Researching facts, Writing research reports,teaching and motivating people.

I did my engineering and MBA, founded Ram Rama Sewa Sansthan(RRSS).

For more about me:
For more about RRSS activities:
contact @ +91 9990919804,
mail at
My role model
Vivek U Glendenning "Nomad" is an accredited international
journalist, social-policy analyst/critic, environmentalist and a entrepreneur.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Must Be An Objective Person....
Couple of years from now
On Ground
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