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Venkat Iyer
Venkat Iyer

Venkat Iyer

HR Trainer and Mgmnt Educator



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Improving Education system

Broadly, we are moving towards a practical-based education, especially in B-schools. At the same time, I see that frameworks (theories) are being ... more>>
HR Challenges:
1.Communicating effectively on both ends.
2. Fitments between what is available (there is abundance)and what is selected.
3. Very little emphasis laid on behavioural/attitude aspects.
4. Core competence in domain area lacking.
Current HR Trends:
I see a shift from standalone HR to hybrid HR, meaning concerned user departments who hire resources are significant partners in the selection process. Ultimately they know whom they need.
Background of HR personnel based on line experience, rather just admin background.
HR to be manned by people who love people, not by those who are focusing more on HR processes alone.
Identifying and Promoting New Leaders:
Leaders need to have: basic love for people, not give up on them, be compassionate with people at the same time be demanding on results, facilitate all that is needed for results to happen, take the onus, talk less and act more, be a do-worker, if they don't know something,have the humility to admit and ask, have people-driven profit centre, simple life style and consider their functions with a trusteeship view.
Improving Education system
Broadly, we are moving towards a practical-based education, especially in B-schools.
At the same time, I see that frameworks (theories) are being sidelined, with learning rigour being diluted.
The selection process must ensure that the candidate has an value for academics too.
Action-based excitement is seen as a major driver for learning.That alone creates mavericks,without substance.
Design thinking and action involves a strong framework on which decisions are made.
Emphasis to be laid on frameworks.
Attract good people, Retain Better Performers and Advance the Best:
Walk your talk.
Be simple and straight talking.
Do not play games and keep your people manipulation to the minimum.
Stop acting artificial and pompous.
Show them that you are a human being first and then the role.
Hire attitudes and build competencies through morale boosting.
Promise and deliver rewards - don't duck when legitimate rewards are asked for.
Have an effective rapport with your superiors.
Be realistic with superiors.
Pain Points:
People in HR are HR process-driven, not truly people-driven.
Many of them come from admin background with less people skills.
Moreover, their understanding of the business processes is "plastic".
Business issues are challenging for many of them to understand.
If HR people come with experience from line functional background like sales,production,accounts,etc. they make better HR people.They empathize and relate to business-based human issues more effectively.
The obsession to put humans into "excel spreadsheet" grid is hilarious.
Attending HR seminars and presenting papers without PRACTICE is not enough.
Parting Thoughts
As an international behavioural trainer/coach, I have experienced that complicating simple things is fashionable.Jargon and matrices rule the roost.
I prefer building up metrics/models from behaviours. Bottom-Up approach. Not borrowed, but customised. Not licensed, but home grown that works.
Every right thinking organization has the immense capability to build its own frameworks and practices based on behaviours, not the other way around.
Relationship with HR and Top Management
They are two sides of the same coin.
Both need to have minds of their own.
Both need to respect each other.
Both need to see the point of view of each other.
Both need to be ethical and humble.
Both need to be available to each other.
Both need to love people - people come in different "shapes, sizes, colours and background"
Helping to develop the country
They need to stand up and act. Not take "convenient" courses of action and justify.
Qualities that we Look For While Hiring:
I look for attitudes and openness.
Recommended Reading
There are many.
I prefer experiential value add.
They are more realistic and emotionally engaging.
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