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Rajendran P
Rajendran P

Rajendran P



My Advice
Wonderful profession that was responsible for making this world as we see today. Unfortunately when we reach greater heights in life we forget the importance of the profession and the less competent gets into the job which reduces its importance. Best brains and people who have flair for this profession must come up to keep the charm of the profession alive to carve out the future of this world safely and securely.
Way to motivate Students
I implement all those methods of teaching which I wished my teacher to do when I was a student. I go down to the level of children and put myself into their place to make them understand what I teach. I love doing it.
My priorities
As a teacher when I plan things my students gets top priority and nothing else. I may be able to give them only a little time but still will try to do justice by making good use of it.
Outlook about way to raise quality education
Universalisation of Education ( Right to education) is to be made compulsory in practice and not by making laws over and over again. India must make sure that all children below the age of 14 must complete 10 years of compulsory schooling and those reluctant due to any reason, should be deprived of all government concessions. Parents should be held responsible and if there are no parents then the government should shoulder the responsibility instead of silently watching what is happening in private buses, isolated buildings or even in Ashrams.
Future of Indian Education System
Revolutionary changes due to advancement of technology. I foresee every child walking to the school with an ipad which interacts with the smart board in the class where the teacher see all the ipads of the students on the main board in the class room. Note books and corrections will become history. I also see reduction of the importance of teacher as google or similar agency will give all the answers to the students doubts.
About Me
I am a post graduate ( M.A, M.Ed) and started teaching in Delhi way back in 1983. Still going strong in UAE.
Important Lesson
After moving out of my village first to Delhi and then to UAE I have learnt that the world is so materialistic and human relations hold very little importance. Not blaming anybody for this as I know it is the by-product of various drastic changes which have been taking place around us. we don't even mind killing at the rate 100,000 people per year to hold on to power as the saying goes............absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Outlook about increase students’ participation
Children of todays world are Ideologically well developed even when they reach the age of 15. Involve them in nation building in which ever way possible. Incorporate social service and social interactions as compulsory project works in their curriculum. Let them come out with their suggestions and remedies for the problems that we are facing. We have seen how students come out with different ideas on the streets of Delhi December last year ....
Most Rewarding Moment
I continue to get rewarded, as and when my students of the nineties send me messages on fb that they have reached the places where they are at present is also due to the values and education given to them when they were my students. I feel proud. Not been able to reach economically very well off but of course on satisfaction from my students I think I can compete with Mukesh Ambani.
Most Challenges facing by students
Todays children are more confused than their counterparts of the past due the problem of plenty. They are forced to put their hands on to the new device before they learn the mechanism of the old one. Studies get less priority. They are confused to place the right ordering of loyalties. The children growing outside India are experiencing it more than their counterparts in India. Career options which were there in their mind is now outdated and do not know what to choose. etc......
Unique way of teaching
'Practical' is the solution. Give the children practical knowledge on the topics taught. It is shameful to see a young minister asking how to cut a banana bunch from the tree... or where to put water for the plant. Nature is the best teacher let the children also learn from the nature rather than remanding them to class room jails. technological knowledge can be attained by sitting at home but the real life knowledge to be attained by going out into the open. This principal was realised by Budha before 2600 years and left home to see the real life but we have not learnt anything from that. ......
My inspiring personality
My parents and grand parents who taught me the real life more than from the teachers. My degrees I have earned them through self study without the help of any teacher. But the basic education of life attained from my grand parents and parents kept me strong. The strength you gain from starvation, hard work, sincerity so on..... I often remember Gandhiji before I order anything to my students ..... that Gandhiji had to stop eating sugar to tell a child to stop eating sugar when a lady approached Gandhiji with her son.....
Favorite Non-Academic books
I used to read Thomas Hardy, A J Cronin, salman Rushdie etc in the past but not now due to lack of time(laziness).
Thomas Hardy's novels take you to the real life and will make the reader realise that you can even go wrong when you are sure of going right. such lessons once learn will stay with you forever.
Family Background
Born as one among the nine children of my parents. Now looking after my own family with wife and two children.
Son grade XI and daughter in KG 2.
Strongest Subject
Political Science. You don't have to study too much to learn the subject. Keep your ears and eyes open you get educated automatically and when you look at the books you see the same thing repeated.
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