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Raghupathi M K
Raghupathi M K

Raghupathi M K


Wipro Ltd

My role model
My Dad is my role model. He is very kind hearted, helping nature, understanding prsn and spending his half of the time for social work and noble cause.
Couple of years from now
I will work in the IT for next 5 years then will move to my hometown and do agriculture and spend my time for noble cause and social work to help needy people
Initiative to develop a country
India is already a Developed Country. But our political system is not good and most of the money is with very few people. System change is needed and it will take many years for this change. Earn for Need and not for Greed.
Degree that I recommend
Yes, I need to complete few certification course
Important lesson learned
There are Many. All my past good and bad experiences are important lesson only.Again, earn for Need and not for Greed is one big lesson and try to help for needed people in the education field is very important lesson learnt. If you cant help also fine but dont trouble anyone.
Ensuring success
I do believe in myself and i know what am doing and i do love what am doing
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
To become a great leader, a person must have the mindset of a leader.The first essential quality required in a leader is integrity.He offers credit to those who earn it and readily displays selfless characteristics
Honesty,Ability to Delegate,open communication,Sense of Humor,Confidence and Commitment,Positive Attitude,Creativity,Intuition,Ability to Inspire,know your purpose,Cooperation etc etc..a great leader must not limit himself to strictly managing people, but should also take part in all types of activities
Brief description about me
I am Ragupathi M K from Bangalore
My family background
I am from Karnataka - Coorg / Kodagu and my parents are staying in Coorg. Myself My wife Ashwini and Brother Ganapathi Staying in Bangalore
My achievements
I have started from Scratch and now I am in a good position. I am very happy that leading a lovely and beautiful life along with I am happy that I can help some needy people and am doing this noble work from last 5+ years.
Important decision
Follow my dream
More about myself
:) :)
My strongest skill
Dedication, Taking Ownership of the Task and complete it and never give up
Influenced by
My Dad and the reason is in my 2nd Question answer
Thoughts on Education system of our country
I see India’s education system as a stumbling block towards its objectives of achieving inclusive growth. All the development is happening only in Cities / Urban area and NOT in rural. There are loads of kids and students studying in rural area with very lack of school facilities and infrastructure.The really critical aspect of Indian public education system is its low quality.The actual quantity of schooling that children experience and the quality of teaching they receive are extremely insufficient in government schools. A common feature in all government schools is the poor quality of education, with weak infrastructure and inadequate pedagogic attention.
Certain policy measures need to be taken by the government. The basic thrust of government education spending today must surely be to ensure that all children have access to government schools and to raise the quality of education in those schools.Peaceful, safe environments, especially for girls also very important
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