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Raghav Belavadi
Raghav Belavadi

Raghav Belavadi

Founder & CEO



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Raghav Belavadi's Advice

Work on your Ideas

Company Profile

1.  ANDIAST, is a Product development and Market research company founded in 2011.We do market gap analysis, find an opportunity in any geography, create business solution and go ahead and implement it.We are a team of 11 talented people with a strong focus on Switzerland market. We are a Technology innovation company and believe in delivering results to our stakeholders. We have delivered, the first online portal to show the trend analysis of companies globally.

Leadership skills
Patience, Endurance and lead by example are some of the most important things that I have learned as an entrepreneur.Strategic positioning of the company in the niche market segments where we compete and carving out our foot print in a competitive environment are some of the key things that we are often guided by mentors.
Experience with Investors
It has been quite a learning thou. As any entrepreneur would do, we tried selling the idea alone without realizing the importance of building the product first. We are in India and we are working on building a product and doing business in Switzerland which is one of the highly profitable and best economies in the world. This model can be understood by only a limited section of the investors due to the nature of the geography and a domain like Insurance. We decided to go without investors until we start to make revenue. Today we are in a revenue mode and would start look for the right investment.
Working Environment
ANDIAST inherits a complete professional and multipolar workforce. Imbibing the best practices from the fortune 500 companies’ leaders in the team and bringing them to life is a daunting task. Doing the right things, adopting high precision in everything we do and be critical about our own work to offer our clients ground breaking business solutions are part of the work culture.

Company you admire
Although we try to adopt the best from many successful companies, I am a big fan of Google, its leaders and its culture. As a start-up we try to follow the footprints of Google, its vision and strategies by adopting a mind-set to explore the internet world, believe in our strength and dreams and share the success with all of the team members.
Advice to young entrepreneurs
What matters is what you dream and what you do to achieve it. So if you have an idea, go ahead and just execute it. Despite hurdles on the way it is worth to test that idea than just be with the idea alone.

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