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Praveen Thakur
Praveen Thakur

Praveen Thakur

Head - Global Delivery Organization

Envision Financial Systems

Initiative to develop a country
Apart from many statistical measures such as per capita income, technology advances etc, there are equally important factors which touch the lives of most citizens such as basic health condition, literacy, technical education leading to employment boosting etc, where we professionals can play a significant role in making ourselves a developed country.
While governments will always be responsible for making strategies and policies to bring these changes, the participation from professionals and corporate world will make it much more effective and successful.
I strong believe that Corporate social Responsibility plays a critical role in bringing these positive changes.

Last but not the least, professionals in today’s India are the cognitive power of our society, and hence I request all of us to think of our surrounding including socio political conditions and have a strong opinion about them, then only our ship will sail in a definitive direction.
Important lesson learned
Be ambitious and passionate in life! Never shy away from putting hard work. Without being passionate, nothing worth while will happen, in spite of you being extremely capable.

Keep your receptors active all the time and be ready to learn without any boundary.

Unless you undertake difficult assignments in life and prove yourself, you will not be considered for great things that are scheduled for future.
Brief description about me
A highly curious technology leader, with a diverse experience-set of working in different setups such as captive setup, software consultancy based organizations and Product based organization. Having worked in executive positions in my career, I have influenced the top line, owned the bottom line and successfully taken care of executive level client relationships.

Always driven by my passion, business acumen, functional and technology expertise, a deep sense of Profit and Loss ownership and the overall determination to make a difference to my surrounding.

Have the distinction of creating true turnaround stories in my professional career. Always have willingness to do something which is difficult and unexplored.

With ever changing business paradigm, consumer behavior pattern, their increased expectations and catching up technology trends, one needs to be constantly enhancing his appreciation of the same to remain relevant and significant.
Influenced by
The story around people who come from humble background and reach heights influence me the most.

I was deeply influenced by Ms. Bechendri Pal who faced so many challenges in life but never gave up. And ultimately reached the peak.

These are the stories from where I draw inspiration from and I firmly believe that these traits are applicable in all spheres of life.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Empathy is one of the most important qualities for being a successful leader. Success needs outcome, outcome needs whole-hearted effort from your team, and "Empathy" is that enabler making it all happen for you.

Apart from empathy, having a realistic vision, being able to propagate that vision to your team and being able to create that synergy and mobilize all the available resources are other important determinants of being a great leader.

I have come across many leaders in my life whom I always consider as true leaders, as they create that spirit and ambience in the work place where nothing but success is the outcome.
My role model
Mr. Russi Modi.

I have grown In Tata township seeing Mr. Modi as it's chairman and Managing Director. The connect that he had with his employees and the empathy that he always showed for his employees were phenomenal. Continuing the Tata tradition, he led the organization to a leadership position. His corporate social responsibility steps changed the lives of people not only living in his township but every one who was living in the surrounding area. He gave a prominent tagline in his tenure "We Also make Steel".
Important decision
As I have said earlier, tough assignments don't daunt me. I always look for some thing that puts me in extreme situation.

On another note, being an executive, while we take pleasant decisions, we are expected to take unpleasant ones as well. These are some tough decisions.

Changing to product based organization after spending most of my professional life in software consulting based organizations was a big decision in my opinion.
My achievements
Always been a front runner in my academics.

In professional life, always led the team from the front. I was one of the youngest Dy. Team Leaders appointed in my first assignment with a mere work ex of 2 years.

In my stint with Satyam (which lasted for 8 years including India and overseas assignments), I was always valued and was given difficult assignments to handle. I was a consistent high achiever, given the Highest rating ("S") for all consistent years while at Satyam. Was declared the Best Delivery Manager for Satyam Banking Group in the year 2006. My project was awarded the best Project of the year.

I was always looked upon as a leader who would resolve difficult situations, and I was asked to look at one such account which needed immediate attention. Went there, analyzed the situation, made a roadmap and implemented the same. The account came back on track in six months of timeframe.
My strongest skill
Strong and Diverse Technical skill sets, Strong Functional skill set, A strong and emphatic communication skill, Ability to take customer relationship to greater heights and an ability to create teams and mature them for stable delivery.
Degree that I recommend
I believe in experiential learning from my ongoing work assignments as well as formal degree and certifications.

Have got exposure to state of the art management and financial practices from my INSEAD Leadership programme for Senior Indian Executives (ILPSIE) course during 2011-12. This course gave me a unique opportunity to exchange my thought process with some of the best faculties in B school ecosystem and a highly accomplished class.

Banking and Finance being my major specialization and also realizing the need to know the fundamentals of Finance as an executive, I have embarked on a journey to do my CFA certification, in which I have already cleared CFA Level 1 exam.
Ensuring success
Continuous learning in the relevant fields, applying them in the work place and looking for progressively higher challenges in my professional life.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
I believe, the education system in India is too curriculum based. In stead of focusing on all the possible generic subjects, it needs to be able to identify the natural talent in kids and nurture them from the very beginning.

The appropriate method of education in my opinion is to focus more on the vocational aspects rather than being too wide and exam based.
My family background
I come from a modest family background with a lot of dreams and determination. Did considerably well in academics, did my Bachelor in Technology from B I T Sindri, Dhanbad, a state government college.

Married to Amrita Jha, who works for Quintiles, with two kids Pratyush and Agrim !
Couple of years from now
Value creation is the key mantra that I have. I become quite restless, if I am not being able to contribute meaningfully to the happening.

I would definitely want to see myself in more and more contributing roles in coming years.
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