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Prashanth Adkar
Prashanth Adkar

Prashanth Adkar

Lead Business Operations Executive

Aricent Group


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Importance of 4ps
4Ps of marketing is the marketing mix of any product or an idea to be marketed or sold or made important in the market to create brand value and grandness.
4Ps itself is a marketing strategy to to ensure the organization is creating a brand in itself in all possible ways to mark its presence.
Marketing in simple terms is a best way of communicating a message of whatever you have in mind about self or something. For any organization Marketing plays a vital role to get and make business without which notihng else will survive. Marketing is just "Mark at the right thing"
Brief yourself
I am en employed person seeking an opportunity to change the term employed into employ-ability. Well to talk to about myself, I am a poet by heart. i love pets, nature and animals. Travelling and adventures are my passion. keeping fit and fresh is my daily duty. Fun and friendly person to be with.
Importance of sales
Selling is a strategy. not everything and anything can be sold at all times. Sales depends on ability of the product to perform. Sales is important in any organization to compete with other market products. Sales is the answer to any organizations performance result.
Growth Prospect in marketing
As quickly as he thinks and as quickly as he succeeds in doing it. Sometimes external factors play haywire, but otherwise marketing is the only stream where growth is certain. You perform you grow, there is no BIAS :)
To know the market you ought to be updated and yes daily newspapers may be anything shows the strength of advertising of all products under the sun. There are many management books to refer, and certain websites which host knowledge on marketing, research related marketing topics will fetch the purp
Importance of Marketing
There are 7P's of marketing, and the 8th 'P' is Prashanth in Aricent Group. My role is all about providing information and i am the source gatherer. As a research and operations Lead, as a team member it makes me responsible to maintain customer relationship to a great extent.
Marketing is a concept of long term relationship with customer, you market the right way only once and the product is sold always. In selling, your aim is to sell and make money and not customer loyalty. Selling just converts products to cash, whereas marketing reaches the customer needs.
Importance of On line marketing
Online marketing is the buzz of the minute. needless to say, peoples physical presence is on human technology rather than sparing actual time on visiting any store for purchase. you give away all the needy information with feedback/suggestion column, and there your product is sold. minimal effort.
Role in an organization
An experienced Business Management executive who has expertise in Business Analysis, Market research, Business operations, Project Management support, resource management and staffing. I also am a part of Corporate communication team working on strategies and branding.
Give them a break. spend adequate time with them and ensure that marketing is the only hope to grow. When nothing works the only thing that works is a ray of hope. Belief and trust in itself will prove more than anything else. To raise hope i will ensure they restart again as fresh as a new roleplay
Achieving Targets
I would like to prove it by action rather than words. Make me a marketing head and i promise to help sales force to reach targets :). use 4ps in the team and ask them to use 4ps to launch the product in the market.
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