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Nimisha Bhargava
Nimisha  Bhargava

Nimisha Bhargava

PhD Scholar

National Institute of Industrial Engineering


Nimisha Bhargava is a member of:

View s for better India
In order to increase the participation from students,it is extremely necessary on behalf of the students to understand their responsibility towards their nation as they are the future of this country! The Institutions can help them by encouraging them to come forward with the initiatives they want to take for the development of the nation.For example, they can fight corruption and bring Whistleblowing trend in the nation. They can work towards environment by going green, planting more and more trees, keeping their surroundings clean,be a responsible citizen of India by voting right and regularly.Be a part of politics and practice ethics. The students should also aim to go for higher studies which will make them aware about all sorts of misdeeds happening in the society.By higher education,they will certainly occupy higher designations in the respective organizations and then can use their power for the betterment of the nation.Every Educational Inst.must have games like "role plays".
About Myself
I am currently pursuing my PhD from National Institute of Industrial Engineering in the field of Human Resource. I was earlier working as HR Manager in Kanpur for a textile firm where managing the Factory & office in Kanpur and Dubai was my responsibility. Though i had always been a very average student in my academic career until selection in NITIE (one of the most prestigious inst. of the country)happened and the things changed from henceforth. I was no longer a mediocre student. This transformation occurred when i started giving more input to my work. My nature has always been jolly, amiable yet tough. Being tough i learned as a Manager. My family has always supported me in my decision for higher studies. This will certainly help me in achieving my aims and do something for my motherland. Hopefully my inputs and my research work brings a change in the country. I don't expect a major one, but certainly big enough to contribute in the betterment of the nation.
First Job Expectation
If one is a fresher, then following 3 things should be considered:
1. Job description
2. Brand or the Company
3. Job designation

If one is an experienced candidate, then following 3 things should be considered:

1. Job Designation
2. Salary offered
3. The Brand Name
Time Management
Deciding the priority is very easy. The things that you feel are the ones that are to be done within the time limit becomes your priority automatically. Rest everything else wont matter. But still there are many of us who have the problem in deciding what to give our first priority. For that, one should always think that what is it without which they cannot step any further. what is it that needs to be finished within the time limit or meet the deadline. Then accordingly one can do the same with other work.
Favorite subject
My strongest subject is "Ethics". There are many unethical practices prevailing in the country which is dragging the nation back from positive development. Too many illegal activities going on, so many people are being murdered for some or the other reason, child labor is still prevailing, child marriage is still being practiced, dirty politics, rape cases everywhere etc. are the issues that needs attention. Ethics as a subject has made me a different person and has inculcated knowledge that helps me being a better and responsible person. The influence of this subject has been so much that my research work is also in the same field and hopefully will contribute in bringing some change in the society.
My uniqueness
My confidence to face the people.
Most proud accomplishment
My selection in National Institute of Industrial Engineering. This is my accomplishment that i am most proud of. Being an average student in studies made it difficult for me to compete. But i had always been very hard working. This is the reason why i cracked all the examinations i appeared for PhD entrance.
Career Expectations
The changes that might come up in my field of study may be a recommendation for an addition to the RTI act, more detailed research work available with respect to my topic particularly in India etc. Since its too early to comment on the changes that might come, but my study would certainly provide a base for all the new aspirants that really want to work in the similar field.
Challenges facing by students
Burden of theoretical knowledge rather than practical knowledge is the biggest challenge faced by the students. In this cut throat competitive scenario, every student wants to come up with shining colors, get a good job, have a 5 digit salary etc. In this race, the students forget to actually work upon their skills. Rather they get busy in mugging up everything as a result of which they do forget what they learned. Imparting knowledge is not enough. Utilizing the knowledge in the right direction is very important. The burden on students should be reduced so that they perform better, retain knowledge for long, know the practical aspects of it and practice it as well.
Family Background
My Father is a doctorate and is a Director of a Prestigious Institute. He had also been in All India For Technical Education (AICTE)as asst. Director earlier. My Mother is also Doctorate and Professor in a Textile Institute. My younger sister has just completed her B. Tech and is now preparing for IELTS/TOEFL for higher studies.
Most flourishing college experience
My most rewarding experience was while i was pursuing MBA. I won the Singing Competition for two consecutive years. This was my most amazing experience as it was then when i explored my singing skills as well. This also helped me in eradicating my stage fear & gave me immense confidence to perform on stage.
Favorite Books and Articles
Mario Puzo's "God Father" and "God Father's Revenge" was the novel that i read. Since i had seen the movies as well based on God Father, hence it became easy for me to relate everything with the novel. The book really inspired me to understand how to keep calm when in trouble or in any kind of situation, how to judge people and their intentions, to be a leader rather than a follower, Family bonding, time management, etc.
Most influenced factor
My Father has been my only inspiration with regard to my career objectives. I have always seen him striving hard to work and giving us time as well. He is the one whom i have seen maintaining a perfect work life balance. He is the only one who always had faith in me that someday i will do something that will make them feel proud. Since my primary education i have seen him inspiring us for studies. He used to even copy my classwork and homework from my friend's notebook whenever i was absent in the school and also made sure that i am being updated in my work as well. He has always made things easier for me by keeping his trust and loving me for what i am.
Spare time activities
I really like to keep my surroundings clean in my free time and i begin that with my own Hostel room. Singing and music has always been my passion. In my spare time i practice singing, listen to the songs of 60's (as this soothens my mind after a lot of rigorous research work everyday), read news online, and sometimes listen to the parliament sessions as well.
Additional information
At the end i would only like to say that every single person should never give up and should keep trying until he/she succeeds.

Always remember-

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

-Robert Frost
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