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Navin Pirshali
Navin Pirshali

Navin Pirshali


Self Employed

My achievements
Did my job honestly so far and managing all the responsibility of Family and parents, have good reputation in society and working for society
Important decision
If you want achieve big dreams you will have to take big decisions and some time you may not achieve your target in one attempt, but you have to have strong willpower to attempt again and again till you not success in your goal.

I always know what my next target is and set it 2-5 years in advance. I study closely and match myself with the requirement and change things accordingly to achieve it.
Important lesson learned
In this world everything is not under our control, Many times we get credit for things done by us but in actual we also do not know how it happened. We just try for the best honestly.
Degree that I recommend
I do not require any Degrees/Certifications for my career, have good professional experience with international exposure now it's time to do only practical. I am much into social service and here you not need any certificate only practical.
My role model
I learned about Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln, how they achieved this position and served society.
Initiative to develop a country
Professional can help with creating awareness and share their experiences in the society, They can generate jobs with their ideas. Every professional has to spare some time for the social service and has to lead a team of 5-10 people and guide them.
Ensuring success
Growth and Development in life is a continuous process, to grow you will have to set your path and planning in advance and will have to act accordingly. I want to establish my own business and want to spend more time in social activities
Influenced by
So far I am most influenced by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. He has big target of corruption free India, when he started this movement many senior people joined him but slowly slowly they left as they were feeling it is not possible or it cannot be done in this way, but today you can see the result . This movement has created a history. So that kind of determination required to achieve big targets
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
To become a successful leader one has to have the leadership quality with good communication & managerial skills, fairness, integrity and foresight.
My strongest skill
Team Leadership and management, Project management and implementation, technical consultancy
My family background
I live with my wife, parents and two children, My Father is a retired soldier. My wife is helping me in my business. I came to Delhi from Uttarakhand 24 years back for study and now settled here.
Brief description about me
Currently I am doing my own business in IT and Media ( in the capacity of director and spending more time in social activities and honest politics.
Here is my previous professional experience.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Entertainment Ecosystem Inc., USA, Radio DesiBeat America’s first 24X7 Bollywood Radio station.

More than Fifteen Years of experience with well-honed expertise in the areas of Technical Management, Project management and implementation, Presales, technical consultancy, team leadership, vendor negotiations and client retention with a variety of organizations.

Worked with India’s top media groups such as, India Today Group, Reliance ADA Group, UTV, JAIN TV and Business India Group etc.

Known professional in the Broadcasting and satellite Industry with a proven track record of delivering results within stipulated time period.

Seasoned professional, with highly developed analytical, planning, budgeting, execution and monitoring
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Ultimate Goal of education is to improve the lifestyle, so need to design our education system accordingly. We need to include moral education seriously in our education system.

Mostly children in India study in government schools but the education system of government school is not up to the mark compare to other countries. Government schools are far behind from private schools in terms of administration and discipline, while they get more salary compare to private schools staff. Accountability of Government education system should be increased and there must be a strong monitoring system because education is the base of the growth of any country.
More about myself
I faced lot of ups and down in life and I feel everybody face such situations but if you prepared to face the situation you can face any situation. End of the day honesty does matter in life.
Couple of years from now
I would like to see myself as a good human being and honest social worker.
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