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Manish Advani
Manish Advani

Manish Advani

Head Marketing & Public Relations

Mahindra Special Services


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Differentiate Strategies in place with your Competitors
Honestly we dont care about what strategy competitors are using. Our approach is simple its customer centric not competition centric. Apparently Mahindra Groups core purpose is to challenge conventional thinking and innovatively use all resources to drive positive change in the lives of our stakeholders and communities across the world, to enable them to Rise.
Unique strategies that gone unseen or a superhit.
Discovery Assessment is one of the super hit services we offer. Most of the companies have to get their systems and processes audited regularly. When an audit is announced within a particular organization employees dress up as much as possible. In discovery assessment, our team does an sting operation with only a CEO or anyone else from CXO Community knowing about it. We have always focused on outcome so this approach gives customers access to real on-ground problems which could not be highlighted in a typical audit.
Market share Captured
I would not like to comment on this as I dont have sufficient data to prove this however I could say we are one of the leaders as our approach is unique. The proof of the same is YOY increase in our growth.

Positioning products in market
Our existing customers are our promoters they are the ones who help us drive our business. Apart from client referrals we also run campaigns.

Brand Identity creation
By being unique in whatever you do and also by being a good listener. The one who knows how to listen to what customers actually need is the one who is going to be chased by the customers. The simple phenomenon is Do not try to chase the customers Make your products and solutions so unique that customers start chasing you.
Way to reach customers through sales force
We have a Strategic lead generation process
Company description & strategies in place
Mahindra Special Services Group (MSSG), a strategic business unit under $15.4bn Mahindra group, is a leading Corporate Security Risk Consulting firm that helps organizations reduce risk and enhance competitive advantage. MSSG protects information assets and minimizes losses due to an enterprises deviations from good governance. With a core team comprising ex-forces officers and domain experts with decades of experience in corporate security, MSSGs risk mitigation advisories have enabled over 100 major corporate clients secure their people, assets, information and reputation. The companys distinctiveness lies in its People-Centric approach; endorsed by clients across scores of implementations. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, the company has presence in major cities of India and the capability to operate out of several global locations.

We have a very strong Customer Alumni Network
Todays Marketing Trend
Going Digital is the way. No matter who you are to grow further you have to go Digital to manage reputation and to build business.
Biggest pain point
Getting the right tools and vendors. Unfortunately many vendors offer one size fits all type of solutions which are not of much interest to us. We are looking for customized solutions.
Matrix to Long sale cycle and multiple Buyers at same time
Through internal tools, however we are always looking to explore some good solutions which could help us enhance our existing processes.

Accurate model of customers buying process
We sell perception which is the most difficult thing to sell at the same time it could be made lot easier if you have strong customers backing you.

Relationship of Marketers with the CEOs
We play a strategic advisory role for the CEO as we are the eyes and ears of the company and can get the pulse of the changing market demands.
From a customer point of view Purchasing of a product Is
If a product could demonstrate ROI.
Thoughts on Social Media Monitoring Tools
Its a must for every company either to mange reputation or to build a brand.
Some of the Marketing Appeals & Tactic
We are a customer centric organization, social media allows us to reach out to the customers i.e. we get insights from social media, we love to listen to the problems being discussed and accordingly evolve our offerings
Past, present and future of Marketing for marketing experts
Marketers need to play a strategic role. They need to evolve and be focused around the customers. Gone are the days when companies owned a brand today consumers own your brand they decide your future.

Opportunities for Business in 2012- the ways to take advantage of them
Since we have entered the product market as well, Going digital is the way so we are in process of exploring different tools so we could reach out to the right audience at a right time.
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