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Khaleel Ulla Khan
Khaleel Ulla Khan

Khaleel Ulla Khan


Aim High Educational Services

Prized Accomplishment(s):
Being a first-generation entrepreneur with two profitable businesses is something which makes me happy. Miles to go, before I sleep...
Plans For The Future:
There is one life and there are lot of things that I wish to experience. I want to create several profitable businesses which also contribute to the society and economy! A couple of years from now, I see myself growing my existing businesses and probably be implementing my next business idea! Fingers crossed...
Done Differently:
All the people that i have met, situations I have been into, companies that I have worked for, salaries that I have earned, things that i have learned and a lot more have helped me in taking the plunge. I wouldn't do anything differently, if I had to start all over again!
Degrees That Matter:
An MBA degree in Marketing and Finance along with a couple of years of Sales experience helps a lot when you start-up on your own. Highly recommended!
Required Reading:
Books : "Screw It, Lets Do it", "The Alchemist", "Because, Shit Happened"

Websites: "", "TED Talks"
Job Profile:
Currently, I am the Founder of Aim High Educational Services - a start-up which provides free educational e-books and videos, where my role includes overseeing all aspects of the business which comprises working with professors for study material, freelance designers, developers and editors to produce content, contacting advertisers and affiliates who provide the revenue source.

I am also the co-founder of BlueCouch Marketing - a B2B experiential rewards agency which aggregates various services such as movies, dining, spa/salon, health, adventure sports, holidays etc and packages these services as rewards based on our clients' needs.At BlueCouch, I take care of the business development and go-to-market strategies for all the campaigns.
Advice For New Professionals:
Trust your instincts. Aim High!
Working Life Management:
I feel that when you start-up, your work becomes your life - and that is ALL that you have to manage!:)

On a serious note, I make it a point to take regular breaks during the day, have at least one meal with my parents, chill out with friends on Sundays. However, a trip to Goa is long due!
The Decisions That Matter
The major career decisions that I have made along the way are:
1. Leaving my job as a techie to pursue my MBA in Marketing (did not like the 9-5 desk job)
2. Joining an IT giant as a Sales Account Manager after my MBA - handling Govt. of Karnataka accounts, and later joining a young marketing agency as a BDM.
3. Started up on my own to implement all that I have learnt from my previous experiences and enjoying the roller coaster ride!
The Journey So Far:
I completed my B.E in Information Science from BMS College of Engineering, joined MindTree from campus as a software engineer. After 2 years of coding, I pursued my MBA in Marketing from Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship. I had stints as an Account Manager at Wipro, handling Government of Karnataka Accounts and as a BDM at BigCity Promotions. Currently, I am a Co-founder of BlueCouch Marketing – a B2B experiential rewards agency and Founder, Aim High Educational Services – a platform which provides free educational e-books and videos!
Role Model:
Richard Branson. His zest for creating valuable businesses and living life to the fullest inspires me!
Growth Strategy:
I ensure that I always have the big picture of where the company is headed. At times, I just take a break and relax so as to avoid thinking about specific operations of the business. These 'me-times' have helped me to approach issues from a different perspective!
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