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Ask Paul Sureshkumar Samuel for Advice
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Paul Sureshkumar Samuel

Paul Sureshkumar Samuel


Selvan Marketing, Madurai

Awards and Recognitions
I am happy to introduce a typical Indian Manager for small sector whole sale marketing concern in Madurai. I have been associated with the same organization from the year 2000. Previous I got appreciation from various principal companies executives like Godrej, BPL, Sansui, ORIENT, etc.. Best S/R in Madurai award during 1988 from Madurai Cultural Academy.
Nowadays, lot of personal counselling is going on and so many people are benefitted.
Team Management
As a Manager, I have been classified the team into two ie. Administration and Marketing for easy access. Every day they can easily interact with one another and the accounts is easily monitored every day. They can develop a friendly atmosphere in order to get clear and correct picture on the day to affairs among the organization.
Every one feels the family circumstances and feels they are one among the family members. So, they work hard and sincere and almost all the twenty two(22) persons under me are excel.
I used to said that "we should work for ourself, not for Company" is my motto. If company is getting more profit, ultimately we are getting more. Do good, work hard and earn more. Happiness lies on the sincere work we are doing for the company we are working.
Handling Grievances
Two things while we deal with an employee: With Company interest and Personal interest. If a person is having personal/family problem, it will definitely reflects in the company. So, at the extreme, I should try to counsel the person and if possible to the members of his/her family. First and timely help in need is the precise appreciation from an employee. If any one of our family is in trouble, we are doing something to solve the problem. So, I used to solve the problems at the maximimum extent.
Excellence in Management
Manager is not only Manage the things around office but also taken care of each and every individual person.
My views on India Technical development
As a citizen of India, we have to opt so many things from the Government. Hence, the technical acceptance is based on the Govt. and its plans. As on date the CHINA is capturing (addicting) our market and we are helpless and no way to get out of it.
But the marketing strategy may vary from each and every customer/dealer.
Now a days the Engineering students are not properly monitored and the Govt. should support them to reduce the cost and get more efficiency from their invention.
My advice
Understand the feelings of an employee and we should not the bridge between employee and the management. But we should be the fact finder and result maker to uplift the lives of employee and the management.
Most of the management of nowadays doing without bills to avoid VAT/ Taxes and hence, the Govt. is taking extra care with the help of management and staff.
Also motivate the employee and extend timely awards for better understanding.
Family background
I am a MBA (HR)and my wife is a PG Asst. in a School and my son is doing his Ph.D and working as Asst. a big University(He got this opportunity because of his project in M.Tech). My daughter is studying XI std. Most of our family members are teachers and I must always respect teaching community.
Ensuring Growth
Now I am doing personal counselling in order to get rid of evil and misunderstanding among family and groups.
For more understanding, pl. go thru my website:
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