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Jaspreet Singh Bindra
Jaspreet  Singh Bindra

Jaspreet Singh Bindra


iHD India Pvt. Ltd

After 5 years
Running a company that has the potential to bring a change in the way we live.
Doing 3 things if become CM
Currently I am in Ottawa, Canada for the past 3 months, here transportation, cellular costs and more life in the city is something I would love to change. But knowing it is about CM of some Indian state, so for Delhi, better infrastructure, active police and less taxes.
I believe it meant one of *your* hobbies, but any how I like being the ideal person in situations, with time and demand this has become a hobby, just to be the perfect for things and one does not become perfect without practice, so this is what I do for all the time i spare, which is very less.
Quick Advice
Never be too serious in studies, all you are going to land with is a good degree and nothing else, experience things around, develop overall and if you really develop well then too u'll have the same degree with same marks or just a few short of the topper, but u'll be the best in business.
Reason for hiring freshers.
A fresher potentially has the highest learning capability, if a company hires a fresher they are potentially hiring a blank super computer which they may tune in the fashion they wish to. I am fresher who started my Masters right away, i realize how fast I learn in comparison to people elder to me.
Strong Subject
Networks, Databases, Data mining, Softwares, Management, that more or less summarizes the field IT/CS, but the reason they were strong is I loved the field, that is why I chose it in first place and now a masters in it.
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