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Indrajit Goswami
Indrajit Goswami

Indrajit Goswami


INFO School of Business

My achievements
I completed my doctoral study during the most tough period of my life. I pursued my MBA, while I was struggling to survive in my early stage of professional life.Being part of founder faculty team, I could contribute substantially towards the establishment of one of the new B-Schools in Coimbatore.I could motivate successfully some of my students to publish their PG dissertations in reputed journals. As leader of the current academic team, I've been able to pursue my team members to publish scholarly work in journals, publish a biannual newsletter in the department. Have been able to initiate the process of transforming the PG - MBA department in to a B-School. Consistently being recognized and certified by ISO and MAC, Singapore for maintaining prescribed quality standards at the institute.
My role model
In academics, my role model is Prof. Debasish Chatterjee, Director, IIM, Kozikode. His passion for popularizing and 'branding' Indian thoughts in global business education and Leadership. His ability to influence participants at a training program, is amazing. His ability to recognize people and connect to them is inspiring. The most important quality he possesses is simplicity. He is a down to earth personality. I love his writings on 'leadership'. Also I must mention another name, Dr. S.Ganesan (currently Director, KPR B-School, Coimbatore), who had been instrumental in enabling me to emerge as an academic administrator.
Ensuring success
I'm changing my styles of learning, interacting with students, academic delivery in class, meeting out students' learning requirements,contributing to their career goals, developing study materials,listening to them, social and professional networking etc.Simultaneously trying to balance my work and life, including physical, mental and spiritual health. I plan and attend selected MDPs and other discussion and development forums, which can significantly help me in my growth and development.Also I visit different universities and institutes as guest faculty and resource persons to contribute to and learn from academic forums. I try to keep track with latest developments in the fields of interactive technology and devises.Try to benchmark premier and leading institutions in my field. Share knowledge and information through publications and other forums. Encourage scholars to develop interests on contemporary issues in research projects.Always encourage team work to learn and develop.
Degree that I recommend
There are few. Currently pursuing Intern program in Digital Marketing from Digital Vidya.
My strongest skill
Communication, Connectivity, Analysis, Decision making, Organizing, Documentation, Leadership, Motivating others, Writing, Research are some of my recognized skills and attributes.
Influenced by
In the early days it was my parents, then it was my English teacher during secondary and higher secondary education,Prof. Pasupathy Saha. I got fundamental lessons on 'genuine efforts', 'sincerity', 'hard work' from my teacher, who made me comfortable with English language and literature. If I'm successful today, the maximum credit goes to my English teacher. In later life, it is my 'wife', who helped me and stood by me during the severe crises of our life. Now it is my spiritual Guru, to whom I'm submitting myself bit by bit.
More about myself
I've realized and experienced that many times we spoil our valuable relationships and understandings with some special friends, by irrational influences of others. Trust in relationship is not transferable. Either I trust or don't trust. There is no 'in between' position.
Initiative to develop a country
Professionals, first of all, dilute their personal EGO, if they are interested in developing nation. Narrow mindedness, jealousy, vested interests are the major obstacles for personal, social and national developments. Regionalism and casteism be avoided. Merit and passion of the professionals are to be given importance. The teaching professionals working in private institutions are deprived of many facilities at per their colleagues working in government institutions. Such discrimination be abolished.Bureaucracy in education system be abolished. Teachers, irrespective of their affiliations, are to be encouraged and allotted grants for higher education and research.There are many critical suggestions. I think it would not be appropriate to publish everything here.
Important decision
(i) Decision to be an academician and educationist.
(ii)Decision to leave my aided post and step into insecure future during the most tough time of my life.
(iii) Doing MBA after MSW.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
The leader must be visionary as I've cited example about Prof. Debasish Chatterjee. Knowledge alone can not make any one a leader. It is an ethical and virtuous life and working style, that helps. The most important skills and qualities of a leader are ability to communicate, alignment with people, genuinity, temperament to listen to others and incorporate views of others, balanced EGO, capability to transform vision into dreams and actions, sharing success with others, being non reactive during failures and crises, negotiation, networking, caring personality etc.
Brief description about me
Throughout I carried my passion in education, training, research and consultancy. Still continuing with the same. So far I could influence the life and career of more than 1500 students at post graduate level and beyond. That is my source of satisfaction and endurance. I strongly believe in hard and smart working. I adhere to my professional values and ethics. I believe in team work, sharing of knowledge, cooperation and coordination. I love complete autonomy and freedom in execution of my duties and responsibilities. I try to avoid politics in workplace.I believe in 'walk the talk' principle. Sometimes I fail to satisfy everybody because of my commitment to cause and purpose. I never work with any vested interests in my mind. By nature, I'm emotional and that might be one of the reasons that I fall in conflict with others.I'm not an extraordinary person. I'm a blessed disciple of Sri Sri Sadhanananda Giri, my spiritual Guru.Trying a complete surrender to HIS Holyness.
Couple of years from now
I would like to work as academic leader for another couple of years. Then would like to acquire some assignments abroad. I'm not over ambitious. Ultimately it is my GURU to decide my future assignments, not me.
Important lesson learned
Patience, perseverance and genuine effort will always give us result.We shall never say no to any responsibility and learning opportunities.Respect others and have faith on yourself. No one should react to any thing immediately.Wait and watch could be a good approach of solving crises and problems. The professional space of life is very critical and so we should never neglect documentation of our activities etc. We should not talk more but talk smart with concrete language. Many times, we may find it difficult to be rational in all situations. But we must strive for that. Let us not blame system always. Rather we should initiate change bit by bit. Non-judgmental attitude, one of the professional principles that I have learn at my MSW class, is really a helpful guiding principle. Living and working in a pluralistic society is challenging but not at all threaten.The mutual respect and mutual coexistence are the important traits we need to develop.We should be genuine in efforts.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
The concept of 'quality' is very much relative and subjective. What is good for us may not be desirable to others. However, it is obviously true that we need certain 'universal standards' to define quality of education at different levels.There should be some common identifiable and measurable standards plus value additions as per requirements of a specific student community, industry or economy. The PG and professional educations must be guided and regulated by central govt policies and frame work, not by respective state governments.The private players/promoters are welcome. But they should not treat academicians in the line with industrial workers. The PG and professional system of education should emerge as an avenue beyond regional and linguistic boundaries, where every one would feel free to work with. The system of salary and compensation should be similar. When there is no discrimination in income tax regulations,similar should be in pay structure.
My family background
I'm from a middle class family (class in terms of income slab, not in terms of spirit of nationalism of my family members). My father worked in an engineering industry. We are two brothers and one younger sister. My mother is a home maker. I'm the elder son of my parents. I'm married to Mrs. Soma, a PG in Sanskrit. We have one daughter, she is in VII standard.
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