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Ask Ganga Prasad for Advice
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Advice Request
Ganga Prasad
Ganga Prasad

Ganga Prasad



Books recommended
I suggest books from the following ares:
1. Project management
2. Softskill enhancement
3. Yoga and stress management
4. Harward Business Review
5. Coding practices
6. Life beyond work for maney
My advice
Work very hard even if it calls for 2-3 days (and night) with out break. Be very sincere and committed to work. Understand clearly that you are contributing to the larger interest of the group. Once you have accepted the work (even if you do not like it) do it it with 100% commitment and dedication. Must enjoy every bit of official work you have takenup to do.
My important career decision
To work first 5 years in learning the skills and trade secret. Then stick to a single job for a long time while growing with them.
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
Yes it is a hard truth that we do not have our own product that we can boast off. There is clear lacking in the serious commitment from the R&D establishments (both from Government and Private) to seriously venture into basic research. We continually lost out on good hardcore researchers to other developed countries because of our policies (mainly reservation, especially in the work environment). Secondly, the governmental policies do not encourage serious research efforts, they are mostly done hoch-poch and left in the middle mostly. Mediocrity has set into our top techno-managers and the so called 'babus' over a period of time.
Goals and Ambitions
My current interests are entirely concentrated into improving the quality of engineering faculty which should (in the long run) result in better engineers produced from our institutions.
Challenges faced in job
It is very challenging to find a good motivation in the field of good R&D establishment (Govt) where you want to do a serious research work and try to make a difference in what you want to do. Overcoming this will certainly help in establishing good model to help the larger goals
Current Trends
There is an initial trend being seen that some of the experienced (in industry) are switching their job for formal teaching. This should help in my goal of empowering the faculty fraternity to be more motivated and productive in the very challenging field of formal teaching.
My strongest Skill
Very strong in the subject of my interest (advanced architecture, programming models, Real time systems and fault tolerance). Apart from this a great motivator, build new groups, mentor technical managers.
Family Background
Yes. Coming from an agricultural and a remote village background really understand the pulse of the large student community (future citizens) very clearly.
Managing professional as well as personal life
Adopt a simple formula: forget home when you reach office, and forget office when you reach home.
My role model
Sir MV firstly whose sincerity, dedication, discipline and love for the nation. Second Sam Pitroda for his acumen of identifying the technology for the nation.
Being different
Being an engineer I would like to identify myself in the way I do things very efficiently, clearly and cleverly. In every work I undertake, be it an household chores or a serious development work at workplace I always try to see innovative method to do it so that I consume minimum amount of raw material without wasting a bit and do it in the shortest possible way.
My achievement
The power SCADA called COPS90 was developed in my leadership (ofcourse I also did coding and testing) which was 100% developed indigenous which won the golden eagle award. Most importantly the system is being used continuously in the industry since 1996 continuously. I was the first and architect of training course through e-mail on computer networking way back in 1995-96
Making job easier
It is very important to have a good amount of freedom and a set of good subordinates.
Company and job profile
I have spent most of my work in the area of research, design, entrepreneurship and building teams. I have now spent over 23 years at CDAC. Work at CDAC has been very varied from email based training course to Power SCADA, Training division establishment to e-Governance department.
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