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Ganesh Kannurpatti
Ganesh Kannurpatti

Ganesh Kannurpatti


Gestalt Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Definition of BI
Business Intelligence as per books is a set of theories, methodologies, architectures, and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information for business purposes. BI as per me is the ability to understand the needs of people in a particular market segment and design and develop a product that would not only meet the needs of the people, but also stand out among all your competitors.
Decision taken
The most important decision that I took in my professional life was to start my own organization. I always felt limited or constrained when I was working for someone else. I knew that my abilities were not being used to the full potential and this was not good for me as an individual. Therefore I decided to start on my own and use my abilities to the fullest potential and go all out and play the game. Of course my family stood by me through this and without their support I wouldn't have been so successful.
Personal Information
I am Ganesh, an entrepreneur in the Health Care Industry for the last eight years. Prior to that I was working for Fisofex Ltd.(formerly Faculties India). I started my career in Fisofex as a Software Developer, slowly growing to the positions of team lead, project lead, project manager and finally senior project manager before I broke away to start my own organization. I spent most of my early childhood in Delhi and completed my high school and college education in Bangalore. Starting an organization and being my own master has always been my childhood ambition and I did so the moment the first opportunity came my way.
After few years
I see myself as the most successful entrepreneur in a couple of years from now. My objective is to provide one of the best software products for end to end hospital management, that would meet every need of the people working in a hospital in the most cost effective manner, and thus create a breakthrough in the Healthcare industry.
Describe your struggle of achieving success
I have already mentioned that I started as software developer. I always feel that my commitment and my passion to learn new things and be the best has helped me to be where I am today. In my business, it is the commitment to my customers and always being there for them no matter what, has established my credibility in the market. It is my customers who have helped me to expand my reach in the market.
Comparison of current work from previous one
My work prior to starting on my own mainly pertained to ERP products for various industries and handling turnkey projects for my organization. My work now is not very different. Today I provide ERP solutions for hospitals that handle the end-to-end management of hospitals. The only difference is that I am on my own now and I have several people taking orders from me.
Your Role
I would prefer to speak about my own organization here. I play a multi-faceted role that includes business development, being the chief architect for my product, providing support to my customers by my presence in important meetings related to issues they are facing, and providing consultation to my customers on maintaining their IT infrastructure.
Important Decisions
To develop my business, which is my career, I have reached out to every segment of the healthcare industry, be it a small clinic or a large super specialty hospital. Our products cater to all segments of the hospital industry and we provide the same attention and support to each one of our customers irrespective of their size. This has helped me expand my reach in the industry as opposed to my competitors.
Recommending Specialization
I am not a BI person and would not be able to comment much on that.
New trend
The technology trends that I am watching in my domain is web-based development and cloud computing. Having a web-based product is definitely the need of many hospitals today as people feel that it would ease the availability of the application and help in more efficient management of the hospital. Though Cloud-computing and providing software as a service is the in-thing these days, I would not vouch for it as we are dealing with a huge amount of sensitive data. Patient information is considered as very sensitive data and though in India we are not bound by data security mandates, hosting the data on cloud is not a good idea unless we ensure complete data security.
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