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Bobin Motti Thomas
Bobin Motti Thomas

Bobin Motti Thomas

Senior Technical Associate

Tech Mahindra


Bobin Motti Thomas is a member of:

Family Background
My parents - Late. Mr. Thomas Mathew
- Mrs Alice Thomas (Home Maker)

Wife - Saumeya Bobin (Working as Technology Analyst in Infosys, Bangalore)
Son - Adam Toms Bobin (Age - 1.5 yrs)
Reference for Upcoming Professionals
The first resource I can recommend is Google. Before asking anyone regarding any technology check in Google. Then refer the websites from there.
Advice for Additional Certifications
First thing you need as a testing engineer is enough knowledge on the technology you are testing or doing QA. In my case I am into Telecom(Datacom). For this i always recommend Cisco certifications. Not just taking exams but in parallel get knowledge also. QA process are almost same everywhere.
I am ready to work with anyone only thing is that I need to change accordingly. But I feel, it is tough to work with people who doesn't know the power of Team Work.
My Road map Ahead
Now I am CCNP certified. I need to try for CCIE. That is having first priority. Then I like to get into and Manage good projects where I can get exposure in the technologies I learned in CCIE and be a Networking Expert. I like to see myself as Technically knowledgeable Leader after 5 yrs from now
Starting Differently Again
I like to go with my same profile but with some modification. The time i spent with regression testing earlier I like to replace that too with more manual/system testing etc
Upcoming trends
Motivational words from managers and the feel I get that I am a part of the product I am working for.
Contribution to the field
I dont see money and Job satisfaction as two different things.
Money is just one among few factors for Job Satisfaction.
Job Satisfaction = Project matching to skills + Exposure + Inside comp atmosphere + Friendly policies + Money.
Anything lowering beyond a limit will be affecting Satisfaction
Yes all 3 I had.
Achieved : Appreciation from Managers and Client.
Learned : If you are fully involved in a work and have enough knowledge in what you are doing, time doesn't matter. Only what matters is a result.
The Big Question
Yes. 1) I got atleast nominated by my company for your "Top 10 QA professionals in Bangalore 2012" :-) 2) The appreciation I get from managers, leads and colleagues. 3) Till now expert wise , the level I should achieve according to my experience, I feel I am meeting my expectation. Still more to go
Always think like, learning is not just for doing some work in company and earn for living, but also because of passion in the technology into which you are in. Networking is passion for me. This helped me to have an interest to learn technologies even beyond the work I am doing at my office.
The Most Important Game
In my current project we had some issue in which client was not that much satisfied. My lead appointed me as a internal lead to co-operate with team members and enable them also to do their part. This is done nicely and we got appreciation from client at the end.
How improved your Knowladge
First thing and IMP thing is the accepting to myself always the fact that I am NOT fully done.
Whenever a tough task comes, i thought like if there is not a solution for it, then no one can. But if there is not a solution then it will not be assigned to me.So if there is a solution then why I can't
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