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Asad Eheraz Baig
Asad Eheraz Baig

Asad Eheraz Baig


Zamil Steel Buildings India Pvt. Ltd.

Important decision
I always heard to my Heart and then I think on it and I do take advises from my well-wishers, and take decisions. In professional life its hard to find a well-wisher but you make relation with him/her and at least get an idea what can be done. In this way I had taken good decision which went really good and few which went okay. I can't specify particularly.
Influenced by
I believe in me and I was influenced by some one who is very good in that aspect and I made them as my mentors. If it come to my nature and respect I have to earn I got influenced by my Grand Pa (Who Passed Way in 2008) and he was and He will be always my mentor for what all I do in my future, If it comes in my profession (Sales) I got influenced by my Uncle I resembles to his nature and 2 more people (Ex-Bosses - Names cannot be shared), when it comes to my attitude I got influenced by 2 persons (Names cannot be shared) who helped me to run and develop my own business and made me learn what I'm and What can I do. Like that I took my mentors in related to the situations and the things I have to do.
My role model
My role model is my Grand Pa, because I have seen the respect he earned on his own and the love he always gave to his surroundings and the patience he carry in himself and the calmly taking the decisions no matters the situation is, I really respect him and I feel proud when I get honored or recognised by my Grand Pa. And Mr. Steve Jacobs, the way he took Apple into market and made the revolusion.
Important lesson learned
The important lesson I learned is, be what you are, do not act as per the situation and do not imitate as others, have to be very careful in making first image this once it is made it will remains till your death. Never loose your attitude and maintain good attitude, If you are fun loving guy and innocent in talk, then be like that and you will lead the world with how you are, do not act as a serious guy all off a sudden do not show arrogant attitude or bold voice anytime. And very importantly "Always be a part of a team do not try to lead the team until unless you have given the opportunity" and Do not always Self define (Praising yourself and Telling about yourself) all the time, and do not degrade the other person in front of others to highlight your image in this act your loosing your image unknowingly.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
The current Education System is not remarkable, its just okay. I think there is much can be done. I have seen a Child beggar who is speaking good English and even know other languages as well, and I was shocked seeing that boy answering very fluently to those English (British) people and to my shock he learnt these languages on his own interacting the people and just by observing them, Isn't it strange, What I want to express is that, education is not just teaching, Education is learning, analysing, making them prepare to fight the world and compete the world. But here in our current education system there only teaching is the main concern and getting score. There should be some interactive sessions, observation sessions and change the education system in a better way like visualizing the subject and feeling the subject.
Degree that I recommend
Doing Management Courses and doing programs where you can upgrade the thinking process.
Brief description about me
I'm a Mechanical Engineer from JNTU, Anantapur University and I'm currently working for one of the MNCs in Sales 881984 Marketing. I basically belong to a place called KADAPA, Andhra Pradesh. We are 3 to our parents and I'm the second. Eldest is my brother and Youngest is sister. I'm actually a very frank and fun loving guy who always dreams big and a positive attitude. Earlier I was like very numb kind of person and Now I have changed my attitude. I love to be in Attitude and serve people with smile and help him to help themselves. I enjoy challenges and also enjoy working under pressure.
Ensuring success
Yes I'm if I stick to my view or aim and focus on it and improve or learn at least one thing in my every new moment of experience. I ensure I will grow with my experience which I earn during my services.
Initiative to develop a country
Being a professional, he builds a responsibility or caring it all the way of his life till end of his life towards 2 things, very first is Family and then Nation. When professionals take this as first for Nation and the for Family (like how out Indian Soldiers take their lives) then I think then these professional help India becoming a developed country.
My family background
I belong to rich in attitude and respect Family but we are a middle class family where I have Ex-Business Man now a self Employee and my mother is a homemaker and I have 2 siblings, one is eldest and other is youngest. I have seen my Father struggling a lot for the sake of our good lives and gave us what we want. I have been always the second to receive the authorities and I have been the first to take much love and caring. My Grand Parents & Grand Ma & Pa have been so supportive to make me what I'm right now. We are tied up with each other's happiness and sadness as well.
My achievements
I might have did lots of things and might have achieved huge of them but I still feel I have to achieve a lot which could make me proud of my achievement. Yes, I'm proud of what I have achieved in terms of love, affection and respect in both my personal & professional life.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
A person who believes in him, A person who is trustworthy to every known and unknown, A person who is true from his every organ, A person who gives chance to other rather than taking their chances (It depends on the situation), A person who leads in a diplomatic way, A person who describes himself in a better way, A person who sales himself before selling his product or organisation, A person who is clean from heart, A person who helps people in helping themselves & A person who is kind to everybody/every human being.
My strongest skill
Convincing , Negotiation, Learning and Teaching/Guiding and sometimes manipulating.
More about myself
We do what we want and we have to do what we don't want for the sake of other to help them in achieving that. Which this you will able to learn the thing which you don't know and you get convinced with with the fact that "You don't know everything which this world has"
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