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Arvind Kanaujia
Arvind Kanaujia

Arvind Kanaujia



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Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
I was born in Lucknow and brought up in Delhi. I am the second child and the eldest son in a family of 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I am married to Raina and have 2 boys 17 years and 13 years studying in school. My father retired as Jt Director from Ministry of Defence. My wife is a home maker.
Areas for the Future
Domain Knowledge will matter a lot when testing a software. In future the testing resources in my opinion should also be from the domain for which the software is being tested.
Most Important Decisions
The most important decision in my career was to launch my own IT Consultancy in March 2010.
Parting thoughts
From career point of view, it is very important for a person to decide if they are really enjoying the work they are doing. Going to work and doing the routine tasks everyday is not sufficient. One needs to decide if they are really enjoying their work or else move on to find something that they lik
Essential Advice
Do self-assessment to figure out where you can fit well.
Do a study of your skills, interests, strengths, weaknesses.
Ask some questions to your self like:
What is your goal in life?
What will increase your satisfaction and skill?
What is your interest?
Which skills you have developed
The Journey So Far
My career started in 1985 as a programmer trainee. I have worked in Cyprus, UK, Pakistan, USA before starting my own IT Consultancy. I have managed multi cultural teams and have worked in almost all domains, banking, airlines, retail. At the moment I am working on Cloud Computing and developing sw.
Currently working at
My current role as Director of the company is multi faceted. I work with my technical team as well as Marketing and HR teams. Day do day Operations management and meeting with prospects and clients is my main work. We are Authorized Resellers of Google Apps so am technically involved in helping cust
Most Important Lessons
Never ever depend solely on your team. Make it a habit to know what your team is doing. Try to stay away from Politics and be diplomatic even when critisizing someone. Always be polite and deliver the work on time. If you deal with customers do not react immediately. Think before saying anything.
Points of inflection
My return from Cyprus was an inflection point towards negative. My joining a MNC was another inflection point towards positive. The third inflection point was my decision to leave the MNC and join another company to go to USA (bad decision). Opening my own consultancy was a good decision.
Changes in the industry
QA/Testing in its primitive days used to be a neglected industry. Programmers and Managers not realizing the value added by the QA/Testing team. In the current scenario Testing is a very important part of the SDLC and many organization have a separate Testing Services Group.
Role Model
As an entrepreneur I am inspired by Mr Saurabh Srivastava who founded the company IIS Infotech now known as Steria India Ltd.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
In the past I have been in the roles of Delivery Manager or Customer Service Manager. Now I am running a company and am involved in all areas.
Degrees that Matter
Having a certification definitely helps you to grow in your career. PMP is one such Managerial Qualification that will help you.
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