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Abu Ilham India
Abu Ilham India

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Plans For The Future:
As of now working in an Aviation Leasing Company in Kuwait as Legal Officer. Just to ensure material and physical survival is on course to give continuity to the flow of life, in which I think I am in only as a wayfarer, strangely, passing through and by.
Advice For New Professionals:
Working, be it in whatever fields, is equal to giving your hand to God or life. You are becoming part of God or life and God's or life's plans and deeds. You are bound to work, where you will be fit to make this creation and sustenance perfect and in spontaneous flow.
Done Differently:
Finding a field, that can give birth to novelties and innovations. Finding a field that will love me and that I can love. My career should be built up with my love and compassion to all and the whole, becoming part and parcel of all and the whole.
Degrees That Matter:
Total understanding about life, experience in life, preparedness to face anything in life, becoming realistic down to earth, understanding the water will flow only down. With and in life life should be all your courses, qualifications, certificates and experiences.
Job Profile:
Doing whatever required, without looking whether it is in my job description, knowing that job I am doing is to assist myself for my physical survival & life & to assist the company in whatever way I can without causing any kind of stagnancy anywhere. For my understanding that life is great flow.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
All professions are pursued just to pursue life, to live and to make life possible. All serious things are done to enable the silly things of life happen smoothly. Life is the motive and target of all our activities and works. It is the life (or God) that is in actin, be it in your form my form.
Role Model:
People on streets. Beggars and prostitutes, than pundits and priests, inspires me. They take and face life, its challenges and realities nakedly, without going for pretensions and obeying others. For me they don't live a different life from that of richest in the world.
Other Thoughts:
Life is in whole not in part. You are only a part in the whole. Alienating yourself you become part, otherwise you are whole. Alienation causes tension in you and around you. Life is another name for God. When you get life flowing, when you help som one to live, you are helping God, the whole
Required Reading:
Books of and about life. From the sandgrain to milky-ways and above are the books for you. If you really open up your eyes, whatever you see is a great book of great many lessons and wisdom. You have to really see than trying, by looking, to see. To see, you have to be prepared to be passive too.
Growth Strategy:
Knowing you are the whole and part of the whole automatically makes you to be a leader. Because you happen to know that you are the life every one lives. You are the God everyone worships.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
To be able to live with peace of mind and without lot frictions within or without. To be flowing with life. To be at giving end than receiving end. To be a player and spectator together. To see me as a leader and the one who is lead.
The Decisions That Matter
To exhale with a belief that I can inhale too. To decide to sleep with a belief I can wake up next morning.
The Journey So Far:
Corporate world is the world of pretension and preparations for pretensions. More you pretend, look serous & busy, the more you can go up in heights. Working in corporate sector is disguised method to earn livelihood without toiling and boiling and without causing water and mud on the hands
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