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Arup Bhanja
Arup Bhanja

Arup Bhanja

Lead Developer @ Impelsys

Clearwater Technology Services Pvt. Ltd.


Arup Bhanja is a member of:

Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
I come from a traditional Bengali joint family with lots of cousins, uncles and aunties and till 10 years back [before I moved to Bangalore] we used to dine and enjoy all the festivities as well together.
Plans for the Future
Doing what I am doing now and working more on the cloud [in terms of Tech] and taking a bit more interest in my Son's studies.
The Journey So Far
My journey so far has been quite chequered in nature. I started with programming small range database in a MS-DOS environment [1992] and now I work with state of the art pads, devices, phones delivering solutions over the cloud. In between, I have briefly done selling Insurance, FMCG as well.
Currently working at
Its more of delivering e-solutions for leading publishers of the world like McGraw-Hill, MIT press, OUP, Wolters Kluwer Health among others. This involve e-books, epubs and various other multimedia based information delivery.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
Well, they are more or less similar but in this profile I am more of a R&D-cum-developer sort of guy as opposed to train and lead kind of profile in my earlier role at Clearwater Tech.
Most Important Lessons
Integrity, Honesty always pays and one needs to get out of the comfort zone in order to be fit in this [IT] industry which is in a state of eternal flux and keeps changing without warning bells. So keep learning and implementing.
Required Reading
Read different kinds of Books, always search for more information on the net and see thriller movies / read detective novels.
Role Model
Mark McCormack among a host of others. What I like about him is his street-smartness that got him where no one else even thought of. I always read any randoml page from "What they don't teach you at Harvard Business School" and recommend all youngsters starting out to compulsorily read it.
Tech trends to watch out for
Things are becoming very fast, life-cycles are fast becoming nano in nature. New devices are making older slow running devices obsolete. We need new tech, paradigm to deliver faster and better so that manual QA/testing is obviated, which also mitigates basic flaws in systems.
Areas for the Future
Web and online especially in devices. We will have net on TV, Fridge, watches and clocks it will become ubiquitous. New paradigms and thinking is required.
Parting thoughts
I think I have said too much I guess :-)
Essential Advice
Keep your eyes and ears open and read Mark McCormack's books.
Points of inflection
Choosing IT as a career when none existed [1990] was certainly an inflexion point. Getting into different industry to learn IT better was yet another. I went into Insurance and FMCG to get fresh insights into how industry works.
Degrees that Matter
No, None. People should look for relevant certifications in their domain.
A Fine Balance:
I keep listening to music whenever I have time, at work, while commuting [personally of course with headphones] and mostly the R. D. Burman variety who is also my music Guru. Music is a great de-stressing tool and new studies reveal that its great therapy as well.
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