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Aloke Kumar Das
Aloke Kumar Das

Aloke Kumar Das

Technical Advisor



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The Journey : Early Days to How I Got Here
I scaled up my ladder by joining Interra Systems as a Software Engineer. Where, I was completely involved in creating detailed spec for the software projects. Then, I moved to Intel as a Project Leader where I was responsible for Microprocessor Design and CAD Tool Development. Presently, I am the CTO at Appface Technologies.

It was (rather is) a journey. One has to continuously learn in the job. Try to innovate what he/she does in his/her job. I always tried to be a part of the most innovative work that is happening in the company. It is also important to make that project commercially profitable for the company. I always tried to do that. And that brought me up in the ladder.
Decisions That Mattered
In order to devote myself in learning new technologies, one important
decision I took is to join Intel and second is when I decided to join
Appface. I stayed out of job for 1 year before joining those companies.
During these periods I learnt new technology trends which helped me a
lot in going forward.
The Turning Points in My Life
In 2010, I left Intel (My last job) to devote time in Mobile Apps
development. This is the inflection point. I found few like minded
people who also left their jobs in order to devote time in Apps
development. Now we have a company where we work in the cutting edge
Work and Role: Then and Now
Basically, we are doing the same job but in a different way. It is not
very different but the final goal is different. In a regular job we used
to build software and now also we are doing the same thing. But now we
talk to the customer and get firsthand knowledge about the software
requirements. Each and every step of our software development is focused
towards customer needs. As a result, we are finding huge success.
Two Years Down the Line
Not a huge expectation, to be at the top of the world. I want my company to build thousands of apps in all possible mobile platforms. And we will be on top of the world, together.
What I Learnt Along the Way
The most important lesson in a technical field is - continuous learning.
The other things that help are - Ability to judge the future trends,
risk taking mindset, innovation in every step you take.

Changing Days: Lessons Learnt
It is lot different now. Earlier it was stereotype life. Going to the
office at fixed time, coming back in a fixed time. Doing fixed amount of
work on a fixed area of tasks. And a lot of vanity about "I am doing very
great work". Now there is no barrier, no fixed timing, and no limit to
explore new things. And always feeling that I am doing very less, have
to do more and a lot more.
Trends to Watch Out For
Mobile space is very different from other domains. Technology changes very fast here. Learning curve is very steep. Everyday a new device is coming out. Every week a new OS is being introduced. Keeping pace with it is very challenging.

So, one has always to be tuned with the news in this domain. Keep an eye on the industry and media. The window to deliver differentiating products is very small. But, as the mobile user its huge, the profitability is very high. After all, high gain comes with high risk.
Must Focus Areas For the Future
In India, one should concentrate on Android primarily. These devices are very economical and will replace all other devices in the hands of common man. One has to know how to create rich internet content on mobile. And to be specific, adobe flash, adobe AIR and HTML 5 will steal the show in near future.
Do We Need Certifications?
For me, one certificate was enough, that is, MTech from IIT Delhi. I never had a certificate after my masters degree. But definitely certification will help for new comers. iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc have their own certification programs. It will be a great value addition to ones resume if he/she does those kinds of certifications. They will get hired immediately.

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