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Aditya Sarna
Aditya Sarna

Aditya Sarna

Product Manager at LetsGoMo



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Qualities needed to become a successful leader
According to me each leader is different in the way or the approach to follow in leading a team of people. As a manager i have been in positions where in i had to lead and get work out of my team. For me a leader should understand his people, understand what they feel and go through. For me respect is not what you should demand but gain. A very important quality of a leader should be the ability to take risks and also to own his failures.
My family background
I have a joint family so i have grown up in a BIG family environment. My father is into running his business and is a great marketing professional. My mother is the house maker. I have a younger brother who also is in the business development domain.
My achievements
One of the achievements which I see the most important one is the responsibilities I handled as being the Placement Coordinator during College at MBA Symbiosis. It was the learning for me with the real world and applying my management skills, leadership and team work.
It was a very satisfying experience and very fulfilling one. It was a feeling of great achievement when we worked hard as a placement team, handled placement committees from colleges, presentations and finally when students got selected. It was a very difficult time due to recession and less jobs openings so we really had to be clam and patient.
Finally we had 98% of the batch of 2008 placed. There was a time in the final phases when I was one of the last few left. I had to be self motivate and motivate the team as well.
The second achievement has been my been recognized with the best manager award at my last employer Electronic Arts. It was a great year for us as a team and the company.
Couple of years from now
Marketing and Product management provide me a great opportunity to become an entrepreneurial decision maker. I look forward to identifying a target market, evolving the product I manage through the entire product life cycle, re-calibrating it to ensure its continued success and thereby modulating the commercial fortunes of my organization. Being an outgoing, confident and creative person with excellent communication skills, I feel I have the right personal traits to succeed in this profession. I empathize with the consumer, am able to understand their needs and derive immense satisfaction from meeting these, inculcating brand loyalty. I believe customer satisfaction and customer relationship management are the ultimate drivers of marketing success.
Important lesson learned
My career and life so far has given me several transferable skills that I can rely on in future.
By managing large teams of over twenty members, I have great insights in managing people. An emotionally intelligent people’s person, I am friendly and approachable as a team leader. I believe in flat structures. Each team member is a unique individual and must me managed differently. I make it a point to know each one’s strengths and weak areas as well as what drives them. Conflict management and resolving ego clashes is part of my job. Business is ultimately about motivating people.
A best practice that can be applied to all management jobs is process definition and compliance. I have been part of a very in depth exercise that built these for our large team of developers. Interacting with international clients has helped me develop my personality and refine my communication skills. It has given me an appreciation of different work cultures and peoples.
My strongest skill
Passion, commitment, humility, effective communication and the ability to inspire people are the key personal characteristics to which I attribute my professional success!
Apart from inherent strengths, my career and life so far has given me several transferable skills that I can rely on in future.
I am highly enthusiastic about whatever I do. Being passionate about my work makes it a very enjoyable experience and takes away any drudgery involved in its routine. When added to my extremely high self motivation quotient, it allows me to create positive externalities. My team members and co-workers benefit tremendously from this. I have often received feedback from colleagues that my enthusiasm is ‘infectious’.
I am extremely humble and self-aware as an individual. I value each opportunity I receive and put in a hundred percent into each assignment. I have been brought up in a very down to earth environment and taught to value every resource available and use it to the fullest.
More about myself
Stay Hungry Stay foolish.
This is what I believe in and this is what I follow. I even share my birth date with Steve jobs and truly believe in his ideology.
Influenced by
My Father has played a defining role in shaping my career perspective. He has inculcated ‘reach for the stars’ and ‘never say die’ attitudes, passion for marketing, and showed me through his successful business venture what entrepreneurship and initiative can help achieve.
Brief description about me
I am a management professional with around 5 years of work experience. I did my MBA in IT from Symbiosis- SICSR, pune in 2008 and started with my first job as an assistant project manager at Brainvisa. I then moved into the gaming domain with leaders such as Gameloft as a Game Producer and EA as an associate Dev Manager. I have recently joined LetsGoMo as a product manager, a company which helps business go mobile.
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