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Ask Sourav Mukerjee for Advice
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Sourav Mukerjee
Sourav Mukerjee

Sourav Mukerjee

Healthcare Consultant

Longfield Management (P) Limited

Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Patience and conviction are the two most Tangible qualities one must possess in order to be successful. Patience under trying conditions gives strength to achieve and try that much more harder. Conviction is yet another major quality one must possess in order to clear hurdles and reach towards ones goals. Whatever hard work one puts, it has to be supplemented by the vision of achieving which again would get supplemented by the sheer conviction one can bring out in the work they perform.
Important lesson learned
For the First 3-4 years of my working independently, I had this constant fear of what would happen in case of failure. The answer to this was never grossly valued since even after working close to 10 years in the present sector, i have always had this feeling working behind my mind. Conversely though, this fear is also very motivating as it gave me strength to never give up at any stage of criticality and at the same time never become complacent of any situation. Will to succeed has always been paramount in my life and success the biggest victory. Till today I am only trying to achieve and climb the ladder.
My family background
I have a very supportive wife who is also my biggest critic. The day I hear good about myself from her would be the day to cherish. I am never perfect in her eyes and I need to improve and improve.
I also have two kids, a son of 13 yrs and a Daughter of 8 yrs.
Initiative to develop a country
Professionals in India have to always think positive of India's resources and what it can generate. We also have to face professionals from overseas aggressively in order to make them know about India's sheer strength. Healthcare and Information technology have already made their mark in the international arena but other areas viz Education, Infrastructure, Legal System etc are also not lagging behind. India must profess to the entire world that it is not easy to run the biggest democracy. The people do have it in them to turn it around and the professionals are abundant with knowledge and skills who can guide people to reach desired levels.
My achievements
I am not proud of anything I have achieved. To be honest I am still to achieve. However, working in unknown territories and making a mark for oneself is self satisfying. Going and reaching out to people to promote Indian healthcare success story was always gratifying. When patient come to India under our banner for treatment and go back well satisfied, this feeling itself gives me the most satisfaction and moments to cherish.
My role model
The Famous Cardiac Surgeon Dr Naresh Trehan once told me that be around in this Industry for atleast 10 years to see the Growth India sees in its Healthcare sector. I was not quite sure about the sector then but I salute this man for his sheer excellence in looking at the future and having a Concrete vision for the Healthcare growth India has seen in recent times. He has been a real inspirational figure.
Couple of years from now
Service to the Patients from Overseas has undergone a sea change in recent times. I still feel that a lot still needs to be done in order that we can standardise facilitation. I feel that I should have a set up which can actually be able to provide all kinds of guidance for foreign patients travelling to India and a guidance of various Healthcare facilities existing in India. Even to have an own Healthcare set up is also not too distant a dream.
Brief description about me
After Graduating in Commerce with a Post Graduation in Management, worked as a Finance person in one of the Indian Top Business House for about 8 years. In 1999, resigned from the post and ventured into International marketing as a complete Novice. Sheer Perseverance took me to an absolute new field of MEDICAL TOURISM. The Concept involved Patients from across the world to travel to India for healthcare treatment at affordable cost without compromising on Quality.Totally an unheard trade, I started developing the concept worldwide. Extensive marketing overseas, meeting health authorities,Govt agencies,Healthcare facilitators and finally Tourism Roadshows. Always a Challenge to promote especially that INDIA was branded as a "Third World Country". Consistent indulging bore fruit and after 2006. we have not looked back. Now heading Longfield Management (P) Limited, We do quite a good number of Patient facilitation in India as also work for International Insurance Companies as their Agents
Important decision
Belief in one self is the most important attribute one must have to succeed in any area. I have believed all through in whatever I have done and never for a moment thought that the profession I am in is not meant for me despite the fact that I am a Non Medic. The most important decision I had taken then was to stick to this Concept and worked on the finer points of it in order to get deep into its working. I have never looked behind since then.
Degree that I recommend
A Post Graduate Degree in International marketing helps but not a Pre requisite. One must possess the qualification of impressing people and make a mark of positioning yourself in his heart. That is where the success lies.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Education System is an evolving process. It is evolving in India too with lot of good things being imbibed from the West. Practicality is an important feature of any Education system which I feel is still not prevalent in Indian education system. Though things are changing with progressive learning coming into prevalence but it still is a long term vision. Competitive learning though good still has some inherent disadvantages. Introspection of that would go a long way to improve the system as is existing today.
My strongest skill
Self Belief, Patience, Soft spoken ness and accessibility are the parameters on which I have kept my focus. Honestly speaking, it has not let me down ever.
More about myself
Just wanted to tell all my friends that lot of challenges are thrown at professionals who seek to do something of their own. The most important of them is the sheer challenge to sustain oneself. For them the best recourse to do is to focus on short term goals and achieving them. Once we focus on short term goals, it automatically becomes intrinsic as a whole.
Ensuring success
Improving on my skills by being in touch with the external development happening in the sector I am working presently. Also personally supervising and being part of operations makes me abreast with the practical challenges my team faces and then coming out with corrective action helps in improvement.
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