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Ask Uday Mannam for Advice
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Uday Mannam
Uday Mannam

Uday Mannam

Senior Software QA Engineer

Informatica Corporation


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Uday Mannam's Advice

Understanding and being upto date will help

1. Understand the Domain/Product that you will be working on. 2. Make yourself up-to-date with hot technology-trends like Cloud and BigData testin... more>>
Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
My father is a Govt School HeadMaster and Mother is a House Wife. I am married and my wife works as a Senior test Engineer for UnitedHealth Group. I have got an younger brother. He is currently working as a .Net Developer in Mumbai.
Advice for freshers
1. Understand the Domain/Product that you will be working on.
2. Make yourself up-to-date with hot technology-trends like Cloud and BigData testing in addition to trying out the new/emerging processes like Agile QA and Test-Driven Approaches.
3. Automation of Regression suites should be continuos
Intellectual Recommendations
1. RBCS is the best source where they can find number of E-Learning courses/materials online. URL is mentioned below...

2. And there multiple courses being offered by QAI through academia.edistatesting website
Advice for Additional Certifications
1. ISTQB (Both Basic and Advanced)
2. CSTE (Best one to understand entire STLC)
3. RBCS Certification
4. In addition to above QA?testing courses, also take-up your Job related certifications. Ex: Banking/Insurance Domain certification, Oracle/SQL Basic certification
Excellence of Testing Professionals
1. Ability to understand the logic in which your software works.
2. Mimicing the real-time use-cases
3. Trying to break the code with negative testcases and multiple platforms (OS/browser/Memory/Hardware)
4. Good understanding one Security and Performance basics, if not at Expert Level.
My Road map Ahead
1. Leading a Promising QA team which doesn't compromise on Quality.
2. We should be responsible for all the failures/criticism that Product or Software would be facing once it goes live.
Starting Differently Again
1. Learn some in-depth Java/.Net knowledge besides SQL. That would actually help in understanding the logic that dev-mate have implemented. hence, chance of identifying the failure-Occurrence-probability is more.
2. And it would also be easy to build the Regression Suite for automation.
Future of QA
1. Agile would definitely be the Future in terms of methodology
2. In addition to above one, there will b more stress on Co-Development strategies where QA would be working with Dev counter-part very closely. That can help they both work for a single goal i.e., Quality Product/Outcome
3. Automation
Contribution to the field
1. First & Only QA person from our Product's R&D team to represent the company at Germany for an important customer (Major banking client in UK) engagement --This opportunity has not only brought big applause from Directors/VPs but also a big learning
2. CSTE has helped me to lead a new QA team @ADP
Challenges with QA domain
1. Not all but some organizations r considering this as less-priority team. More stress is been on Development only! That may prove fatal for QA/Testers team working in some teams- in terms of career growth & opportunities
2. Few testers r struggling in the industry since they lack basic Dev knowled
The Big Question
1. Entered Software Industry from ECE (Electronics & Communication Engineering) background. Proved as second Best performer in my 'Satyam' initial/ELTP Training Batch.
2. Many Best Tester awards; for uncovering crucial defects
3. Till date, there is no Production bug on the software that I certified
Changes in professional environment
1) When I joined this industry in 2006, it was V-Model that's been followed across most of the Projects. But, now more stress is on Agile. People are expecting quick but accurate deliverables.
2. And Yes; Technology. Huge drift towards Cloud and Hadoop frameworks. Hence testers should know them too
The Most Important Game
When I joined ADP (after resigning Satyam Computers in 2009), our team in India was newly formed with just 3 people (One Dev, One Manager & me). I had define every single item right from MoM templates till QA dashboards. And I used to mentor a team, share load, coordination with Onsite counterparts.
Growth Initiatives
1. Attended couple of Agile Trainings (both in-house and also 1 External training) to make myself comfortable on this new 'trend'
2. Learning Perl Scripting -- Still going on
3. Meeting different people from this industry on big platforms like Google Dev Fests to understand the new trends.
Decision Breakthroughs
1. After working in Microsoft Dynamics team for 2+ years, I wanted to learn new technology. Hence, requested my Manager and joined ICOE team at Microsoft where I learned the crux of Database and DWH testing.
2. Agreeing to my Manager's request to lead a Fresh QA team at ADP have also taught me a lot
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