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Nehal Vyas
Nehal Vyas

Nehal Vyas

Senior Team Lead

Cyberoam Technologies


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Important Career Choices Made
My philosophy has always been to take life as it comes. I have had to take several decisions in last 15 years. And I believe this decision-taking capability has helped me in strengthening my career and it has also helped the organizations I have worked for and of course, helped my team. But a particular decision that I took in 2004 has been the most critical one so far.

In 2004, I moved to Bangalore alone and all by myself, leaving behind my young kids to grab an opportunity with FutureSoft a telecom company. I thought it was a major step I took that obviously had a big impact on my family life also. But I took the step because I felt it will give me my first and genuine exposure to corporate working environment. Today I am glad I took this bold step. At FutureSoft, I got an enriching experience as a software engineer. This was one decision that changed my career graph and gave me great exposure, enhancing my abilities to work at senior profiles.

Visions as a Leader
As a leader, I envisage …

  • To leave behind footprints of the good work that I have done

  • To empower and create more leaders who can make Cyberoam the No.1 UTM (network security) brand in the world

  • To see women taking in more responsible positions across industries and business verticals
For me, leadership is all about enabling people to recognize and develop their potential and work with team as a co-worker rather than bossing around. As a leader, I enable my team to:

  • Set clear team goals  and responsibilities that are aligned with the organizations’ growth and objectives

  • Succeed and excel by being available for communication, mentoring and knowledge sharing

  • Display strengths, ethics, values, beliefs and direction towards the organization by becoming a role-model

  • Believe that they are part of something bigger than themselves and their daily work

  • Feel their work is being appreciated

  • Learn from our failures and avoid repetition

  • Challenge their abilities, to stretch their efforts and reach higher benchmarks

Striking A Balance
Maintaining a balance between your work and personal life is essential for both, survival and excellence. My philosophy to maintain a perfect balance in life is to Plan and Prioritize. Follow this up by giving your best effort. Leave the rest to God. These 3 mantras have always helped me sail through the toughest of times.

My family has been a great support system. My husband is like my back bone, especially when it comes to remaining physically present for our kids. I believe that an understanding and an open minded life partner plays a critical role in having a balanced life. And I must admit that I am blessed with one.

Dreams and Ambitions
Life has been a great lesson for me. Every phase has taught me something new and has contributed in shaping me the way I am today. I also know that life never repeats its episodes. So I look forward to my future times with similar faith and positive energy.

I want the next few years to offer me more challenging managerial tasks within Cyberoam. I hope to learn and make useful contribution to the organization while dealing with them. Having worked with Cyberoam for so many years now, I see excellent opportunities coming my way offering me deeper exposure and learning.

Message to a Budding Professional
Advice is a big word, but yes there are definitely few suggestions I would want to make, based on my experiences, and these are:

  • Love and respect yourself and do justice to the roles you play

  • Understand and enhance your skills

  • Have clarity in your thoughts; only then take your decisions

  • Never regret any decision - make it a learning step
Every woman has her unique skill set, which needs to be discovered. Find yours and start using it whenever you get a chance and reap success.

God has given tremendous power to women, which if harnessed, can work wonders for the world around us. So contribute your part towards this "Master Plan" that God has planned for mankind.

What are the challenges you face as a women and how you resolve it?
I think its not only women who face challenges but men also have their own set of challenges. But yes, being women, we definitely have few additional challenges. When it comes to facing challenges, I believe in giving them a tough chase. I don't let challenges look like mountains. For me, a challenge is a task that requires extra effort to finish, and move on.
There have been many challenges I have come across in my personal and professional lives. The first one was going against my father's wish to join an Engineering college instead of a Medical college, that too in some other city. I always had a soft corner for my father's wishes and desires. The other challenge was getting married to the person I loved! I faced opposition from my parents, friends and society. But today I am happy and contented with the decision I took then. Moving to Bangalore, all alone, for a new job, leaving behind my young kids was a big decision in my life.

But none of these can compare to the tough time I went through, a couple of years back. My son was diagnosed with a rare bacterial infection, an auto immune disorder, with very few cases prevalent in the world. He missed school; I took leave from work. After a month and half's long struggle, and a rigorous and painful treatment, my son resumed school and stood first in his class that year! I was touched with his determination and will to not let anything stop him from moving ahead in life. I went back to work, worked harder to compensate for the loss of my availability in last 2 months, and delivered to meet everyone's expectations. I learned from my son that life is full of challenges. In fact, every turn in life comes with a new challenge. To tackle it, we often have to move out of our comfort zones and stretch ourselves to the maximum. Success cannot elude us if we keep this in mind.

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