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Srinivasa Nagaraja

Srinivasa Nagaraja

Head - Quality| IT Services

Ernst & Young


Srinivasa Nagaraja is a member of:

QA - Expert
The Journey : Early Days to How I Got Here
I started my career in the service area for an automobile company. I picked up couple of areas that interested me - detailed analysis and fool-proofing a system. I realized that I am passionate about Quality Assurance activities. I then chose this as my area of work. When passion meets work that is the path for success. I have moved from Automobile to IT, worked with companies such as i2, Cognizant. MindTree.

I currently head the Quality group for Ernst and Young Advisory Services.
Decisions That Mattered
1 - Do not stop learning and educating yourself. After completing my diploma, I went to pursue BE. When I started studying for my BE, lot of people asked me not to. However, continued my education - brings out newer perspectives that can be deployed in work. Now, I am pursuing my MBA also.

2 - Do not be afraid of change - When you start becoming comfortable in your work, you are actually going on the downhill. Experiment new things and try to learn from them.
The Turning Points in My Life
1 - Not enough foresight - When I went to US for a Quality Consulting work, there was an opportunity for me to be in US for a longer duration. I declined and came back. Now, sometimes when I think about that, I feel that I should have continued

2 - Moving from Automobile to IT field - A good change at the right time - IT had started booming and I started moving along with it
Work and Role: Then and Now
At E&Y, I am heading the Quality Group - setting up the Quality group across the business, setting what process initiatives should be implemented, how to continuously improve etc.

My previous job at MindTree was similar, except that I was heading process implementation for a Business Unit only.
Two Years Down the Line
I see myself as a Change Management Agent - helping organizations manage the change and adapt to the changes.
What I Learnt Along the Way
1 - Have a set of professional values and adhere to them always
2 - Have role models and mentors - learn from them
3 - be passionate in what you do
4 - Laugh always. Life is not that serious
Changing Days: Lessons Learnt
1 - Usage of IT has trebled - I still remember, in my automobile company, I was privileged to have a desktop and all senior executives were frowning that they did not get it
2 - Availability of information - nowadays, information is literally available on hand. In a matter of seconds, you can know what is happening across the world
3 - More maturity in profession - as the years goes on, more learning is happening on IT and hence more maturity
Trends to Watch Out
Agile is a trend that is becoming important. Frequent releases and handling changes are the main concepts of Agile. From a Quality point of view, bringing out right and practical process for projects using Agile is a challenge.
My Advice If You are Starting Out
For someone to get into Quality area, you need to be passionate about this. This is not like IT development field where the results of project are immediate. Quality is about change management - changing thinking of people, attitude of people and would require time.
Must Focus Areas For the Future
Orientation into Statistical Techniques
Agile Scrum Master
Do We Need Certifications?
Certification, in my view would help only after 4-6 yrs of experience. I would recommend the following certifications:

Lead Auditor
Books/ Websites I Recommend
Roger Pressman - Software Engineering
Change Agent Handbook - David Hutton
Agile Manifesto
Last But Not Least
One advice I would like to give - Mistakes are the stepping stones in the learning process. The shame is never in having failed - the shame is in not having tried.
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