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Prashant H Hanji
Prashant H Hanji

Prashant H Hanji

Knowledge Manager



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Prashant H Hanji's Advice

Understanding present reality and working on it

Its a combination of past experiences, future vision and also understanding the present reality with situations to be confronted. And also, good pe... more>>

Have realistic projections

Have realistic projections which can be achieved. Have a strong vision with firm mind and heart to overcome challenges of any sort or length. Be go... more>>
My current job profile
I have been with Unisys since 7 years. I am a Senior Knowledge Manager at Unisys Global Services Bangalore and currently being trained as Business & Process Architect which would be my next position.
How I continue to Grow
Listen and understand others. Also, lending others equal opportunity to exhibit their opinions and expectations. Understanding the dynamics of people behaviour and reciprocation is vital for any leader to develop.

Important decision
In 2005 , I came to Bangalore with just Rs 150 (One Hundred & Fifty) in my pockets. And moreover, the fifty rupee note was torn in the middle and taped. But, that did not stop me growing where I see myself today. But, infact it thought me to be tough and understand the situation better and what I should be doing to prepare myself for a long haul. No doubt I came from a middle class family being treated badly by my uncles after my fathers death in 1998 with all the huge responsibility of my family on my shoulders. It all made me stronger day by day and today I stand tall in the IT world being in the Senior most position one wants to be. And that was not all where I stopped, I further went on establishing my own Interior Designing Company last year namely "Earthly Paradise" which will soon be registered in my wife's name, she soon will be be heading the company operations. Overall, these past 14 years of my life have been with different shades and colors which make me feel proud of what I am today. And, I continue to live with no regrets for my past and full of hopes and determination for my future.
Essential skills required for leaders
Its a combination of past experiences, future vision and also understanding the present reality with situations to be confronted. And also, good people handling skills and continual knowledge sharing and knowledge storing should be an essential leadership skill, along with proper thought and knowledge application.
Avoiding mistakes – both in your personal as well as profession
By being very open in terms of letting people know what I am doing and how I am doing the things. Getting people to understand the reality of life and making them understand how they also can simplify life with better thought & knowledge application
Handling Office disputes
One should understand the need of the hour by understanding the problems of their employees and the situation the way the employee wants it to be treated and handled at that time.And lend them their share of comfort or show the required concern which your role or personal situation permits you to do for them at that time. Moreover, at the same time keeping the organizational interest and reputation in mind. And also we need to see that the services to our clients are not affected due to the employee who is in a situation and always be prepared to create or keep a backup ready for such situations which nowadays are in high rise across all domains and all over the globe.
Advice to upcoming leaders
Have realistic projections which can be achieved. Have a strong vision with firm mind and heart to overcome challenges of any sort or length. Be good with numbers( facts & figures). Be good with knowledge gained and know how to apply that knowledge properly. Also, have the proper understanding of technical expertise and use it accordingly wherever and whenever necessary. And, above all climbing the steps of success without stamping or hurting anyone's emotions or feelings.
Inspired by
My life with full of reality/facts and various situations have made me stronger and influenced me to a great extent. Also, I overcame all roadblocks and challenges so far with proper thinking and acting on the situation in a righteous manner. All these things and the hardships have been a major key contributors to influence me in my life.
My prospective towards India Technological development
The thought process of we Indians and politics in India needs to change. Also, we should make way for young talents to showcase their potential and their ideas by providing adequate technological infrastructure for them to foresee technical career and growth. Also, Political Aspirants and Technical Aspirants need to think likewise on a common platform of revolution and a prospectus change in the system. Laws made for better prosperity needs to be implemented and not just passed. Moreover, we need to identify and tab our young talents, groom and garner them with enriched and enhanced trainings and facilitate with the latest technologies in order to keep them away from flourishing their careers outside India. Also, Our government should be prepared to facilitate technical talent and encourage them to use their skills and expertise for the growth of our nation.
My family background
I come from a middle class family in Belgaum(North Karnataka). My father was a bank manager and was a respected man in the society. We are 2 brothers and one sister. My mother has been a house maker but use to struggle to contribute her share of income to run the family with her sweater knitting classes which she use to conduct at our home every evening for people in that vicinity. My fathers death in 1998 created a storm in my life with many hardships to overcome and to be met. I was 22 years then, I was forced to get married by my uncles. I got married in 2000 and now I have a 11 year old kid who studies in the 5th std at Bangalore. But I had a firm challenge in my life to do something of my own and not to be dependent on my uncles, who had challenged me to earn Rs 2000 without their support. However, I took that challenge in my life and came to Bangalore and completed my degree while working for private firm at the same time. Now I look back and salute life for getting me here. Also, I started my own Interior Designing business which is running good at this point of time.
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