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Samay Mehta
Samay Mehta

Samay Mehta


PS Lifestyle

Company description
PS is a premium lifestyle brand dedicated to create innovative and distinctive products and make luxury easily available like never before. Taking the simple daily life products like cotton tees, we provide it with one of the finest fabrics, most innovative techniques of how its' manufactured, selling it on one of the best online platforms to buy and provide the customer with one of the most unique, creative and interesting product that one can not just be happy about but cherish for a long time. We have expanded our products list to lifestyle accessories, furniture, corporate branding, etc. keeping the same motto and enthusiasm and yet we feel we have just started. Sky is really the limit for what you can achieve when you are just not satisfied except the best. PS Lifestyle was founded in late 2011 (officially) but the brainstorming, researching and pre-planning was going on since long. Such creative zests don't just happen overnight.

Leadership Skills
We have learned a lot since we actually jumped into it. One of the best insight we have gained is that you have to have 'Care' and 'Humility', as no matter what field you are in, no matter what country, business, venture, environment you are, if you don't care about your customers, your vendors, your mentors, your staff, your work or just even daily visitors or salesmen you encounter, you won't succeed as much as you could have. Care guides you to see things more sensibly keeping frustration at bay and Humility gives you a little boost to work the extra hour and still be nice to your family.

Reaching out investors
We actually haven't yet approached any of the potential investors. We
actually are (academically) Architects and Planners who have jumped
into this Lifestyle world. We believe there is no limit to creativity
and it transcends to all planes of our lives. Also doing some fine
projects (still do) we manage to go on bootstrapped and done well so
far. However, as we see immense potential ahead specially in E-commerce
in India, which is still in its infancy, we might consider approaching
some good ones, get in some fine evangelists and get a better boost.
Company work culture
We are a very cool and relaxed little design team of Architects and designers, but all entrepreneurs at heart. Having said that, we do hard and smart work, but don't take it so seriously to lose the fun of doing it. Also, we don't just stick to what we already know but are in constant pursuit of what we can find out that might interest us, help us grow, must have some unique things that help us create better. As we have grown we have followed our such inclinations and have seen considerable growth in our capabilities and varied ventures we have entered in, in the increasing satisfaction and often awe with which our clients, customers and associates cherish us, and so do we.

Company I admire
We admire and take inspirations from a lot of companies globally, but to name (2...can't do with just 1 here) of the best companies - Apple and Virgin group.

Apple, because of their sheer talent in making some of the most innovative and smart products of modern technology, so simple, so unique, so innovative and yet being so scientifically and intelligently made. Best part is that even after Steve Jobs had to leave his brainchild at some point and then came back later in Apple and Mac  and took it this far. If the 'belief' remains that you will make it one day, everything falls into place.

Virgin, because the genius entrepreneurial skills of Richard Branson. He's just not satisfied even after having hundreds of global companies under his name, and 'dissatisfaction' as we believe is one integral part to succeed as an entrepreneur. Even after reaching such heights, he seems not to have lost touch with his roots. As he said in one of his stories, till lately he used to call 'each and every employee of Virgin' at least once a year, personally, and ask how's it going, even for a minute or so, but he would call. What a gem of a star. What would it do to the intern, boost his morale, make him believe he belongs, he's someone noteworthy. What will be the effect, he'll be proud and work more harder, smarter and most important, with care and be responsible. 
My note of advice
We strongly believe that entrepreneurs are all amazing people. Whatever they do, they are called 'entrepreneurs' because they are doing something new, something different, something by themselves, to make a change, to create some more space out there, some better opportunities, etc. etc. But doing all that, we all must take great care and respect of what is around us, directly beneficial or not. For example Nature, we don't really give it back after what we take. Doing little bits to benefit the environment like using renewable and recyclable products, alternative technologies, traditional and conventional methods of production, organic materials etc. would not only benefit the nature but also support the people who depend on it and are often crushed by the new age mass production, often unsustainable market. Being responsible and accountable is the least we can do, as we were enthusiastic enough to start something new.

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