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Gopal K Ayyangar
Gopal K Ayyangar

Gopal K Ayyangar


Sai Shree Aggro


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More about myself
At last my experience in International Trade made me stubborn and well educated on terms I decided to do trading in domestic and till date I am same trade apart fom this my side business is to get Project finance with help of my good friends in Swiss, Hong kong . Now planning to start own star Hotel construction in my under develop sity with International Air port, Sea port and Rail connectivity to all over.I am blessed with one daughter who completed Hotel management course and got married recently to a similar job boy and settled in Bangalore.My son completed B.Tech and doing job in MNC. Almost well settled family with no liabilities only assets. My advise to young boys always aim big and try work hard to achieve , nothing is impossible in life but strong determination should be with commitment .
Degree that I recommend
Every one should complete minimum basic education that is Degree of any sort to understand the implication in documentation , drafting, speaking etc etc.Experience is the biggest asset in business which makes man perfect. You may lose some times, the best way to think any matter in two ways, what are the worst may happen is fail so that you are prepared for that which will boost and keep your energy intact, if you are success get the good result out of it. In all business slightest mistake will your efforts back to point one. Be careful in taking decisions thinking twice.
Couple of years from now
With my experience and carefulness I think I will achieve what is my dream, I started with small dreams like buying vehicle, having house, good education to children, bike, slowly I got all with great hard work. In my opinion Work is worship, as much you put your efforts that much you are bound to get if planning and system are correct. Now my last dream was to construct 5 start hotel which is going to be fulfilled very shortly for this I made planning educating my daughter in Hotel management field, she got married to similar boy who is working as Manager in Sheraton group, this all i have to plan to fulfill my dream . Now I am more confident and ready to implement.
My strongest skill
Experience come from good hearing , struggle, reading subject thoroughly, any work you want to do you should have basic knowledge on the matter. I have undertaken GOI contract for Electronics which is not my subject but completed successfully. Knowledge is must which comes from dedicated and determination , you have to love your job then only you will be successful.
My family background
My father was Army officer gone on deputation to Railways as Inspector of Police , he could not work too long as there is always different in Ary and civil methodology, he started his own Transport business and till the end he was on same. I did not like that because of certain reasons dealing with driver using abusive languages to maintain them. I chose my own way of leaving, got married in 1980 while I was Mining contractor, a baby born with sweet look and very intelligent but we could save her at 3rd year , this made me to change my business and came to Hyderabad for new opportunity in new place, it was difficult to survive but my efforts were with me to help me and I continued in various fields like Medical ,Real estate , consultancy in Mining, trading internationally , I have one daughter and one son now with me.
Brief description about me
I born and brought up in Kharagpur, west bengal , my education was intermediate , I started business in the year 1969 as a Manager in Dam project in J&K state till 1971. I worked in Delhi from 1971 to 1973 under the civil contractor. I started my own business from 1973as a Mining contractor till 1985. I major accident happened in my family and I shifted to Hyderabad in 985. I worked as Medical rep for one year and again I started my own Trading supplying Raw Rice to MMTC from Andhra Pradesh and done chartering flight from Delhi to Moscow for Indian Cargo till Purulia arms drop case came in to light all the Russian flights were cancelled. Then I started Exports of sea foods to Singapore for few months, did not suite me well. I tried to supply Sugar for MMTC and Traveled all over, France, Austria, Spain, Germany,in search of Sugar but not a grain I got despite local Banks have given in writing , then I could understand what is International Trade , in 1994 I been to Moscow.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
We are lacking not only in education system but all the system. I found students are over burdened with high scores which is no use unless you understand the subject. From smaller classes we should separate students with their own interest and bring them what they like and understand easily . Even a Post Graduate can not write a good English letter without grammatical mistakes. I passed only intermediate . System should teach the subject of interest. Minimise the books, playing should be compulsory , body and mind requires exercise to grow fully . But we dont have good advisors in Central education system to guide what type of education with system to be adopted .We give importance to Marks then knowledge. I LIKE AMEER KHAN'S 3 IDIOTS .
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