knowledge and experience of Oracle PL/SQL students
Students get the knowledge and experience to be productive PL/SQL developer in any company from Day one.
Training for Oracle PL/SQL graduates
Graduates looking for full time jobs get recruitment assistance from siliconindia, which consists of contacting companies who hire fresh PL/SQL developers.
A lot of these jobs are not advertised anywhere. Several of these companies have help us design the course and have confidence that students who successfully complete the course can do their job from day one.
Graduates hired through Oracle PL/SQL course
Interested companies can view online all the assignments and projects finished by students so they feel much more comfortable in hiring them. We consider our work finished only when each and every graduate who finishes the course successfully gets placed in a company.
Students, who are still in college and need to do internship in a company to graduate, are provided with assistance without any extra cost to get placed in a company for finishing their internship. We also provide projects work that can be done from home to meet the internship requirements.

Benefits of online learning

Rewind Benefits of Oracle PL/SQL course
In traditional classrooms you will get to listen the lecture only once but here you can rewind it and see till the time you understands it.
Timing schedule  to study Oracle PL/SQL course
You can learn whenever you like. You can learn for 10 mins to 10 hrs on a day. Since the materials are available 24x7x360 days, you don't have to wait for the instructors to come as you do in the traditional classrooms.
Oracle PL/SQL course educational and professional background
You get to meet people from different part of the world with different educational & professional background. For instance you will get the chance to meet people working for WIPROs, Infosys, IBMs and people from US, Canada, UK etc.
Queries inOracle PL/SQL course
If you have a doubt you can reach out to all your classmates and the instructors by sending a single message. Our instructors will be available 12hrs a day from morning 9am to evening 9pm
Save Money in studying Oracle PL/SQL course
The best part is you can save lot of time and money. You can learn it from where ever you like. Need not to travel to the institution you can sit at home and learn.
Pre-recorded Video Lectures in Oracle PL/SQL course
As we have prerecorded video lectures and textual notes there is no fear of missing classes.
Survey report:Oracle PL/SQL course vs Traditional learning
Recently US Department of Education has come up with a survey in comparison with online and traditional learning. Following is the report Online Learning Edges Classrooms. Students in online courses learn more than those in traditional college classrooms, according to researchers.

In case you are interested to know more about the research, you can find it here:
Students get a "Certified PL/SQL Expert" on successful completion of the course.

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