Online Linux Administrator Course
Linux is the open source operating system of choice for deployment throughout the enterprise. With its rapid expansion and multiple developer input, there is an increasing demand for skilled users who can exploit the features of this powerful platform to their organization's advantage. In this course, you gain the essential knowledge and skills required to leverage the wide range of Linux graphical and command line tools
  • Students get the knowledge and experience to be productive in any company from Day one.
  • Graduates looking for full time jobs get recruitment assistance from siliconindia, which consists of contacting companies who hire Linux experts.
  • A lot of these jobs are not advertised anywhere. Several of these companies have helped us design the course and have confidence that students who successfully complete the course can do their job from day one.
  • Interested companies can view online all the assignments and projects finished by students so they feel much more comfortable in hiring them. We consider our work finished only when each and every graduate who finishes the course successfully gets placed in a company.
  • Students, who are still in college and need to do internship in a company to graduate, are provided with assistance without any extra cost to get placed in a company for finishing their internship. We also provide projects work that can be done from home to meet the internship requirements.
You will learn how to:
  • Use essential command line tools
  • Manage software using package managers
  • Install and layout the file system using well-known standards
  • Manage users and their environments
  • Manage processes effectively
  • Manage disks and file systems (including quotas)
Who Should Attend:
This Linux training course is designed for individuals who are interested in gaining in depth knowledge of how to administer a Linux server. Extensive experience (several years) using Intel x86 computers, including a strong knowledge of hardware components and their interaction with basic operating system (OS) components are assumed.

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