What Google, Flipkart Are Doing To Retain IITians

Bangalore: The fresh talents churned out from sixteen renowned IITs in India were always been a hot grab for the big-ticket recruiters like Google, Amazon and Facebook. Most of them were snatched right from the campus gates with luring salaries. The story was not too different this year, as the average salaries shot up by 15-20 percent along with top salaries. But in a recent trend that put the companies into dilemma, many of these fresh recruits tend to move to other jobs, leaving the firm just a few months after joining.

But the companies have wised up themselves to this trend with a new weapon- Giving stock options to the fresh recruits in extent of close to 100 percent of base salary. Instead of higher signing bonuses and relocation expenses, the stock options work well in retaining talents to their companies, reports TOI.

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Social networking sites like Facebook is offering a base salary of $100,000, a bonus, a relocation bonus of $20,000 and stock options of $120,000 if the candidates stick on for two years. Other companies like Amazon, Google, Twitter, Flipkart and some startups are also following the same path of stock options.

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