Clinical studies find mustard oil may be best for your heart: Experts

If you want to achieve good health amid the pandemic, choosing the right oil should be the foremost step as Covid-19 is an inflammatory disease and...

Thursday, 04 March 2021, 03:00:20 PM IST

Follow '5-a-day' rule for longer, healthier life

If you are scouting for a magic potion to live a longer and healthy life, try five daily servings of fruits and vegetables, in which two are fruits...

Wednesday, 03 March 2021, 03:28:25 PM IST

Men publish more research papers than women: Study

Despite strides in family-leave offerings, and men taking a greater role in parenting, women in academia still experience about a 20 per cent drop...

Monday, 01 March 2021, 05:35:13 PM IST

Potential therapy to prevent, treat endometrial cancer recurrence

Researchers have found that endocrine-targeted therapies and an assessment of biomarkers in sex hormone and insulin signalling pathways may be...

Friday, 26 February 2021, 10:54:17 AM IST

How screen time impacts boys and girls differently

How screen time impacts boys and girls differently

Screen time affects boys and girls differently, a new study suggests that boys who play video games regularly are less likely to develop depressive

Poor memory, impulsive personality: Traits of extremist mind

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Dress up in Tri-colour this Republic Day

Dress up in Tri-colour this Republic Day

Republic day is around the corner and so is the end of winter fashion. So why not end it in style? Here are some fashion tips to help you look your best this Republic Day.