5 Spine-Chilling Haunted Hotels in the World

Most of us prefer to watch horror movies, but, are we ready to experience such creepy moments in our life? Yes, some are crazy ready so such act....

Monday, 07 September 2020, 07:59:26 PM IST

India's Top 5 Destination for Migrants Birds

Birds migrating is a natural process and a treat to watch. A huge batch of the same species birds take up a journey heading towards their...

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10 Facts About Mother Teresa We didn't Know Before

When we think of charity and compassion, one name that strikes us is Mother Teresa. She has been an inspiration yet an incredible leader who set an...

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Lockdown hard on kids with special needs

With schools, hospitals and therapy centres closed during the 21-day nationwide lockdown in India, everyone is facing challenges but children with...

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That Perfect Millet Rice Recipe Is Not A Dream Anymore, Check How?

If there's one trend that has reached an all-time high, it's our ability to eat whatever we want, whenever we want to. What the trend ignores completely is the seasonality and locality that our dadis and nanis relied on.

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Best Summer Destinations in India 2020

If you are afraid of the scorching sun and the hot breezes, well summer is not just about the heat, as it about vacations and making beautiful moments spending at amazing landscapes of India..

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5 Lifestyle Trends Millionaires Follow

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Travel Trends to Look Out for in India 2020