The aroma of Indian literary festivals

The aroma of Indian literary festivals

We, Indians, are proudly known for celebrating festivals. Our rich culture, rituals, traditions, and celebration have already caught the world’s attention. In the pop culture trend, India has great admirers and followers of traditional customs. Each part of the country follows a particular value, so does its literary world.

Well, are you aware that yearly literary festivals take place in many parts of the country to draw large numbers of readers, writers, playwrights, and editors, who gather to exchange ideas with like-minded people? Sounds Interesting, right? If you are a fan of the literary world, then you might have visited many. And if not, give it a try.

Literary festivals are not only about conversations and debates but also cultural acts such as music and performances with literary leaders, authors, thinkers, etc. Each state has at least one literature celebration held in its capital, organized by India’s Ministry of Culture, so check out your state’s next one. It is also a fantastic incentive to travel around.

Bangalore Literature Festival


The Literary Festival of Bangalore glorifies reading and writing and takes place in ‘Namma Bengaluru’ in November every year, engaging itself in the city’s literary environment. Bookworms and bibliophiles visit to meet writers from all around. The Festival is city-owned, honors the creative energy it offers, and celebrates the diversity of literature, bringing it into conversation with the brightest brains in India and outside. It includes numerous Indian and international authors who gather here to share experiences and experiences.

Ahmedabad International Literature Festival

With the tagline 'Discuss, Debate, Deconstruct,' the 7th edition of the Ahmedabad International Literature Festival will be held in the traditional mode on October 8 and 9, 2022. Considered one of India's most reputed and content-oriented Literature festivals, Ahmedabad International Literature Festival's theme for this season is 'Humans, Nature, and the Future. A picturesque and natural venue epitomizing the theme is the Centre for Environment Education, ThaltejTekra, Ahmedabad.

Times LitFest


An annual event for authors, journalists, book lovers, and lecturers is called Times LitFest. This lighting festival has grown to become among the best in the nation. NamitaDevidayal and BachiKarkaria, two journalists, had the idea for this literary festival. The three-day Times Lit Fest has a different subject each year. In addition, there are discussions on mythology, history, crime, literature, storytelling, romance, and contemporary connections at the festival. Times LitFest offers a variety of workshops that concentrate on numerous aspects and dimensions of illustration, painting, parenting, gender, sexuality, etc., along with panel discussions. The festival stimulates lively discussions and debates while organizing a treasure of the nation's literature, films, and music.

Goa Arts And Literary Festival

A literary fest, sunsets, and waves by the beach sound like a perfect picturesque. GALF is a non-profit organization that has been fully volunteered every year since 2010. It’s now become an attraction for the top writers in the country for political and social discourse. In the middle of this city’s culture, it occurs at the International Center Goa. The event offers cultural fullness and lectures by famous writers, poets, and painters. The Goa Arts And Literary Festival also focuses on Goan and diaspora literature. Emergent and well-known scholars such as AmitavGhosh, Amish Tripathi, and Teju Cole have been welcomed. Goa is known for its beaches, beautiful architecture, and unique culture and is usually one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. But many things are less known: a flourishing theatre, musical, and film culture for some of India’s top artists and authors.

Queensline Lit Fest, Mumbai


Beautiful sunsets, elegant conversations, or heated disagreements with the sea breeze blowing your hair. Is there a better way to give life to your love of literature than while sipping a lovely glass of red wine and taking in the magnificent Mumbai skyline? The Queensline Lit Fest, described as India's first maritime literature festival, offers bookworms a prospect to converse about their passion for reading amid the sea. Some of India's most well-known figures share inspiring tales during the three-day festival. Onboard the 400-person capacity QueenslineNeverland and Queensline Sea YAH, two brand-new addresses of the Mumbai sea.

You should check out these literary events in any of the states. These events are meant to combine real and fantastical, spoken and written, and the past and present ideas. Literary festivals have developed into a fantastic hub for all literary enthusiasts and budding writers with a rising love of reading and writing.