Trending Work from Cafe culture in Namma Bengaluru

Trending Work from Cafe culture in Namma Bengaluru

From working in the office to Working from Home, all our lives changed overnight due to the COVID-19 lockdown. As time passed, people have adapted to working from home, and studies have shown that people prefer working from home. 

However, staying at home all day long is so monotonous that people are bored and frustrated. As things are eased down, people are flocking around cafes with their laptops to do their assigned work. These days you can find people sitting in a group or someone at the corner of a café sipping coffee or beer and doing their work. A café is no longer a place for dates and hangout with friends & families; its role is diversified.

Cafes and pubs are providing space for such crowds, by investing in infrastructural changes with fast and steady internet connections and multiple plug points at convenient locations making ideal space for guests to work.

Emerging food blogger and IT professional Kartik Santosh aka Bengalurufoods says “Talking from an IT employee perspective, Cafes have saved me from the daily chores that I have at my place. But everything apart, I visit Cafes because I don't have to make myself a cup of coffee whenever I need to, can get some easy snacks and the most important thing is that in the era of working from home, it gets really hard to sit at home all day, every day and work. I am blessed to have some cafes very nearby to my home so that I can jump there ASAP when I'm hungry and if there is no power at my home.”

The cafes also allow for socializing and building network. A person not just works, but interacts with people of different field and companies, which help them to understand the market.

It is seen as an escape for many from working in a cubicle or four-walled room. Physiologically, it changes the environment for a person thus increasing productivity and peace of mind.

Here are some cafés suitable for working professionals

My Tea House, Banashankari

If you are an avid tea lover, My Tea House in Banashankari is one place to go to work. The best part about this cafe is its lovely staff and great snacks. What could be better than having some freshly prepared food and beverages available to you while you work?  Don’t forget to try their Irani Chai.

Third Wave Café, Multiple Locations

I came across this cafe a few months back. Though this cafe is overpriced, I wouldn’t mind visiting for their perfect blend of coffees and the vibe they have! They are spread across the city, providing suitable environment for working professional with calm surrounding and high speed WiFi. Recently, I encountered a job call while stranded in Marathalli due to rain and 500 metres away there was a Third Wave café for the rescue.

Dialogues, Koramangala

Sitting all day long in a café might put a hole in your pocket, but no need to worry Dialogues Café is at your service. This hybrid cafe, office, and library are more appropriately referred to as a "social club" or "social experiment." So all you need to pay for is the time you spend while lounging about reading a book, conversing with a buddy, enjoying a cup of coffee (and some snacks, of course), or just working. Don’t forget they provide high-speed WiFi.

Alchemy Coffee Roasters, Jayanagar

A rustic café with exposed brick walls, industrial pipes running across, fancy coffee-making machines, and filament bulbs hanging over the ceiling, is a hot stop for coffee lovers and working professionals. The full-fledged breakfast menu at the cafe Alchemy Coffee Roasters serves up eats like kheema pav, pancakes, and waffles. You’ll find a bunch of people with their laptops opened working fully focused and sipping hot brewed coffee early morning.