12 Key Advantages of Family Health Insurance Bought at the Right Time

12 Key Advantages of Family Health Insurance Bought at the Right Time

A family health insurance policy offers the whole family a fixed health insurance policy for a single plan rather than an individual life plan. The plan provides financial help if any registered family member is ever diagnosed or hospitalized within the policy’s term period. This plan covers the spouse, children, parents, and you can also customize family health insurance benefits and characteristics as per your needs.

This scheme is appropriate for larger families with a significant number of members, and the family medical plan offers all family members the benefits of individual health insurance plans in one plan.

There are various benefits associated with going for a family health insurance plan. These include fixed protection for the whole family, better coverage, pocket-friendly premium options, highly flexible cover benefits, coverage for hospitalization expenses, maternity coverage, new members’ addition, discounts and other offers, and tax benefits.

Best time for buying the health insurance policy

The moment you realize that your and your family’s health care expenses may only rise further because of the overall increase in living costs is the perfect time to purchase family health insurance coverage. The sooner you understand the reality, the better it is for you. This means you can benefit from getting a family medical insurance policy at a younger and the right age.

Benefits of getting family health insurance at the right age:

Here is a list of all the benefits associated with buying family health insurance at the right age:

  1. Waiting period: In most cases, medical insurance policies have a waiting period of 30-90 days, during which no claims may be made even in a medical emergency. Therefore, purchasing medical insurance coverage at a young age is a great advantage, as you would not worry about the waiting period. Most insurance operators report waiting periods for a minimum of 10 to 15 diseases. Persons over 60 years of age, in some situations, have a more extended waiting period. Still, it is comparatively lower with family health insurance coverage if you are buying it at the right age.
  2. Complete package: You can benefit from comprehensive and holistic coverage by making the right choice when you are young. Therefore, during work life and even after retirement, you will have increased security.
  1. Low premium: In most circumstances, your present age is dependent on the amount of premium that an insurance company charges. You can use a reduced premium if you choose a policy at an early age.
  1. Duration: It is crucial to remember that most family health policy offerings have a high age ceiling. You won't have to worry about old age limitations, thus benefiting from health insurance for a more extended period if you acquire medical coverage at a young age.
  1. Tax benefits: If you get family health insurance at a young age, you will profit from tax benefits for a longer term, since the premium you pay can be requested under 80D of the Revenue Tax Act 1961 as a deduction from your total income.
  1. Coverage: If you take family health insurance policies early, you are covered more effectively. Many health plans offer broad coverage, including daycare and vector-borne diseases, maternity benefits and OPD. In short, you just increase your coverage prices as you get older because of additional medical concerns.
  1. Conditions of pre-existence: If you purchase a family medical policy in the late 40s, your financial load will only climb with reduced benefits. Various health insurers exclude any pre-existing conditions for the coverage. But you will be free from this hassle if you are at the right age due to reduced pre-existing health issues.
  1. Bonus: In the absence of any claims in the previous year of the policy term, the majority of insurance firms give a 'no claim bonus'. You can take advantage of a cumulative bonus when buying family medical coverage at a young age, as your policy is likely to be updated every year. The cumulative bonus enhances your coverage, which is an advantage when you are old. There may be no claim bonus ranging from 5% to 100% of the total sum insured in most circumstances.
  1. Wider choices: Choose from a wide array of plans by getting family health insurance at a young age rather than towards the end of your 40s. You have the choice to decide on the plan or to analyze all critical elements to fit your requirements.
  1. Lifelong renewals: You can renew your lifetime health insurance plan and use extended coverage benefits. You can therefore choose to upgrade your policy throughout your life.
  1. Lower risks of refusal: You have many productive years ahead and fewer health difficulties if you are young. So, your health insurance coverage is unlikely to be denied.
  1. Financial planning: The purchase of a health insurance policy at a younger age provides you with more coverage and enables you to organize your budget in a better way. You can concentrate on making other long-term investments if you have appropriate medical insurance to cope with health emergencies.


Family health plans are more practical for larger families since it is difficult for each member to sustain premium payments. These plans charge reduced premiums and ensure a significant amount available to all family members. Investment in a family health insurance plan is a wiser option than selecting individual health coverage.