Solar Panels Boost up the Outlook of Society in Energy Conserving


Systematic development makes Sundam Solar a worldwide leader in the solar panel business.

FREMONT, CA:? Bringing rooftop business to every home, Solar Panels gets popular day by day. Solar power is prevalent, affordable, and accessible. The rate of solar energy is rapidly increasing across the world. From 2018 onwards, the market growth for solar has expanded 17 fold from 1.2 gigawatts (GW) to an average of 30 GW at present, an average power needed to shelter 5.7 million Americans.

Observing the demand for solar panels business in the western USA, Asif Ansari, a native of San Fernando Valley approached his old friend Syed Khalil to install solar panels in their locality. This was the starting point of a new business named Sundam Solar in 2016 at the city of Chatsworth, with Asif Ansari as CEO.

?Achieving great heights in this firm, it brings a new facet to the world with the installation of solar panels on the roof,? mentioned Ansari in a statement.

The manufacturers of solar panels are based out of China, while the distributors include LG and Samsung from South Korea, and Panasonic of Japan.

?Generating electricity and power usage is another factor that comes with the usage of solar panels. To generate electricity there are photovoltaic cells present in the panels that convert DC to 110 volts AC. The usage benefits of these panels include power backup when electricity runs out. To bring a solution for this would be to add a battery bank that runs on the electrolytic process and would set up to store excess energy via this process. Companies that make these kinds of batteries are Tesla and the most commonly used one is by LG,? added Ansari in a statement.

Ansari hold a Masters degree from University of Minnesota in Aerospace Engineering. Apart from Sundam Solar, Ansari also own a California-based Omni Systems, specialized in designing both spacecraft and satellites; E-Solar, a solar thermal company; and Tesla Technologies, used for manufacturing compressed natural gas dispenser. Along with this, Ansari also owns a company in Dubai with similar interests.

?Sundam undertakes projects all over California, Arizona, and Texas,? Ansari indicated.

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