Social Media Patrol: Saving Lives by Delivering COVID-19 Resources to the Distressed

Social Media Patrol: Saving Lives by Delivering COVID-19 Resources to the Distressed

COVID-19 pandemic outbreak is changed everything in the system of the nation. This tale epidemic has controverted India’s medical and public health infrastructure. Right now the amount of COVID cases is bouncing in millions. The departments of health care around the globe are analyzing for an efficient cure establishment for COVID-19. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India (MOHFW) has raised numerous measures to increase awareness on COVID-19 and the obligatory actions to control the outbreak of the virus. Both central and state governments were initiating protocols to take the control of the outbreak.

These protocols towards the control of COVID cases have increased the activity on social media platforms. Right now social media applications are putting more effort to be a helping hand in this COVID pandemic situation. With the vast reach and live features, social media apps are emerging their role in the essential services, and support on this pandemic era. The troupes in the social media province have made pains on their part to provide significant information to millions for appropriate decision-making. It is very naked that amount of problems raised by this pandemic time is cleared by Social media players which are really appreciable. Here I am briefing about the world’s major leading social media apps which have purveyed towards augmenting the battle against the coronavirus.

During this pandemic era Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter took a major role to reach out to every corner of the country. Facebook and WhatsApp are called the base warehouse to numerous online groups that are tendering sustain to people in this COVID pandemic crisis. These online warriors are bolstering support in several cities and village areas across the country. This wide range of social media groups helped people to outcome their basic needs in this pandemic time. WhatsApp has launched WhatsApp coronavirus Information Hub to collect and deliver live updates. As the second wave of COVID started to destroy the whole nation some Facebook groups enhanced their services and support enormously.

“The silent army of housekeepers, porters, security, and kitchen staff working in the background keep the environment clean and safe for everyone. Actually, they are our unsung heroes” Dr. Dale Fisher, Chair of the global outbreak alert and response network, WHO

The Humankind Global group is one of the Facebook public groups, which aids in linking people who need anything important with other kind people who are ready to proffer help. The networking circle of this particular group is available across India. This group is an example that shows across India the people who are willing to help each other can reach every corner of the country. The World Maratha Organization, another group on Facebook contributes support connected to health care, and medical help such as the requirement of blood, plasma cells, and hospital support. Basically, this group’s network is offered mainly across Maharashtra. This is a private Facebook group means users have to get approved first then only they can access its benefits. Network Capital, a 24 hrs volunteered group in both WhatsApp and Facebook contributing offers mainly to mental health care resources, and COVID-19 collaboration services, also they are providing job support portals with free mentoring time. This is also a private group but its network reaches attained across major metro cities in whole over the world.

The Gurgaon Helpline and Gurgaon Food Freak Group, supply a podium to people to help each other for finding hospital beds, medicine, plasma, doctors, and other essential services on an enduring source. The Food Freak Platform has supported quarantined families by providing homely food. Here also both groups are private in origin and look to deliver help to the people of Gurugram. They also provide a support query system. The Powai Women Networking is a Facebook group led by women who are mostly the populace of Mumbai. The players in this group have offered support to people in other cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, Indore, Jaipur, Lucknow and also Singapore, Bangkok. The Powai Women Networking accords several kinds of support counting medical help (doctor consultation) business support, pregnancy/maternity related, kids’ welfare, and women issues among others.

Twitter is focusing on awaking people about country-oriented information on the COVID-19 pandemic to its users. Twitter also introduced new features to separate fake and real news which is spreading about COVID. Most sessions provided by Twitter will be Live-in status. Instagram and LinkedIn also provided their role to raise the hand of help in different areas respectively. News and Resources on coronavirus, established by LinkedIn editors which include the latest updates concerning the pandemic helped other social media groups to support common people in certain situations. Mostly InstagramInstagram made people remain in their homes for a long time. For this purpose, they launched new stickers and new features to liberate the users to recover their extra art abilities.

These groups build over time knowledge to deliver any kind of help they can do for the common suffering people with a great ideology, and they are succeeding in it. Apart from these mentioned social media groups, every city have its own social media players to reach out to the common people. Eventually Social media is emerging with the capabilities of Social media players in the COVID-19 pandemic.