Reasons to be thankful for technology during the Covid 19 crisis

Reasons to be thankful for technology during the Covid 19 crisis

Many people have found the past year the most challenging of their lives.

The global pandemic has seen an unprecedented change to the way that people, live, work, socialise and entertain themselves, to say nothing of the millions whose health has been affected or who have sadly lost their lives.

However, as bad as things have been, for most they would have been a lot worse were it not for advances in modern technology.

For example, the internet, and changes in the pattern of work, man that many more people can now work online from home, rather than have to travel to offices and factories. Indeed, it is arguable than even after the pandemic has subsided, employers and employees will recognise the cost and mental health benefits of stay at home employment.

At the same time, the technology that has enabled people to hold online meetings for work, such as Zoom or Skype, can also be used to stay in touch with family, friends and loved ones.  Contrast that with previous global health crisis, such as plagues, when people identified at risk were oftenIiterally locked in their homes, in the worst form of self-isolation.

It has also enabled millions of children worldwide to keep up with their education, with virtual classrooms. And adult learning has not been neglected either – online classes have helped people gain new skills, like web design and software development. This has particularly benefitted women, especially those in developing countries, who, for social, political, religious, or economic reasons often find themselves excluded from formal education.

Mobile technology means that people, even lockdown, can still gain access to many of the goods and services they need and enjoy, even if they are not able physically to visit shops.Many stores, even smaller ones, that never saw the need before, have now created their own websites, and entered into partnerships with delivery companies, enabling them to survive, and even prosper in otherwisedifficult times.

It is no coincidence that Amazon has enjoyed record profits in the 12 months.

The leisure and entertainment industries have all been able to adapt because of modern technology. Whilst theatres and cinemas may have been closed, millions have still been able to enjoy streaming services like Netflix to provide them with a constant diet of content.

Equally, whilst bricks and mortar casinos may have struggled, those operators with an online presence have thrived. Many people have turned to online gaming during lockdown as a source of entertainment but also as a means of relieving the stress and boredom of being forced to stay at home.

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What may previously have taken years of research, data collection and interpretation has been reduced to months, or even weeks, due to the development of algorithms which are able to identify the key pieces of information required to address the medical challenges involved.

Whilst these have been challenging times for people, without technology, they would have found it a great deal worse.