7 Civil Servants Who Paid Heavily for Being Honest

Durga Shakti NagpalDurga Shakti Nagpal: A young and dynamic lady bureaucrat from Uttar Pradesh (UP) cadre, who faced the brunt of political mischief. In 2013 Durga Shakti was suspended ostensibly for carrying out a massive drive against illegal sand mining on the beds of rivers Hindon and Yamuna. She had set up special teams to track the illegal activities and levied fines. Her acts offended the ruling Samjwadi Party for most obvious reasons.

The end result of this row was rather disheartening than disappointing, followed by her suspension, her IAS husband was suspended on charges of ‘inhuman’ treatment of a teacher in his cadre. Thanks to the very Good Governance again.

Narendra KumarNarendra Kumar: A 30 year old Indian Police Service Officer, who was run over by an arrogant truck driver who was illegally transferring, mined stones. This horrific murder of an IPS Officer outraged the entire nation in 2012. Morena district that is rich in stones and finest forms of sand has been exploited for a few years now. Narendra Kumar exposed various cases of mining mafia in his home cadre of Maharashtra.

Following an inquiry ordered by the government on notorious mining mafia in the state, Kumar took to the illegal mining and cancelled licenses, seized trucks that are engaged such trafficking. That is when he invited trouble. Kumar and his wife were expecting a child then.

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