7 Civil Servants Who Paid Heavily for Being Honest

BENGALURU: Honesty is the best policy but can we really apply this in the big bad world? At least not in case of India, as dishonesty is highly paid in our country. Sadly, it is those honest officers who face the wrath of the manipulative Indian Politics. They are the ‘whistle blowers’ who have rightly done the duty assigned to them, who are constantly targeted and brutally punished. It is funny to find our government talk about Good Governance, when it is virtually missing in the ground levels.

Ravi Kumar IASIronically, in the very beginning of 2015 the government announced that the whistle blowers would be encouraged and protected at any cost. How about Ravi Kumar, an honest Indian Administrative Services Officer (IAS) from Karnataka who was recently found dead under mysterious circumstances? Does he not fall under the ambit of so called ‘protection’? Well this is not the first such instance; Ravi Kumar is just another pawn like these seven other victims of honesty, here goes the list as compiled by IndiaTV:

Ashok KhemkaAshok Khemka: Maverick would be a more appropriate word than whistle-blower to describe this admirable IAS Officer, who mutated Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law, Robert Vadra’s illegal land deal with the real estate giant DLF in Haryana’s Gurgaon.

Khemka was ‘rewarded’ for this bold exposure, by being shunted to State Achieves department. This did not quite affect the man, as that was not the first time he was demoted. Khemka was transferred 45 times in 23 years of his career as a civil servant, probably on the charges of being ‘too sincere’. Death threats are part and parcel of Khemka’s usual. Not all IAS Officers stand up against their political masters, but Khemka would do just that. However the country is proud to have at least some such honest and diligent officers.

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