Top 10 Trending IT Topics To Be Aware Of

Internet of Things: Internet of Things refers to all the gadgets that have an IP address and  can transfer data with one or the other connectivity method. The service breaks the common notion of desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and tablets as gadgets that has internet connectivity stretching to security systems, thermostats, cars and other electronic appliances.

Big Data: Big Data has become another key attribute of the technical skills that an IT company needs to be equipped with. Big Data related to the massive collection of assorted or unasserted data that cannot be processed under the traditional database technique. Big Data is a requisite for large organizations and enterprises that deals with Terabytes, Petabytes and Exabytes of data.

IPv6: Most of the internet connected devices today uses IP version 4 which has a lot of drawbacks. However, IPv6 which is the latest version of the internet protocol rectifies all these flaws by providing an identification and location system for computers on networks. IPv6 can also route the traffic across internet and uses a 128 bit address system.
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