Top 10 Antivirus Softwares of 2012

Bangalore: The antivirus software companies are under constant pressure to bring out the best antivirus in the IT industry. With a grand increase in viruses and malicious codes all over the internet, there is a whole lot antivirus for the users to choose from.  If you are visiting your favorite movie or music website or even a torrent site, be prepared to be attacked by a virus. There are many types of viruses all around the internet and day by day new viruses are launched and this is the reason why antivirus programs are one of the most popular software’s around.

But one question that a user always keeps asking is that ‘which one to choose from?’. With a wide range of both free and paid versions available, users are often confused on choosing the best. Many of them go for ‘risky’ free antivirus programs but they won’t be able to detect many kinds of virus. So here is our list that features Top 10 Antivirus Programs of 2012 based on their speed, stealth, detection, link scanning, removing virus, updates, blocking bad websites, blocking phishing attempts and certain technical factors.

10. Panda Antivirus 2012:

Panda Antivirus makes it to 10th spot in our top 10 Antivirus programs of 2012. With a good malware detection and removal performance it’s a pretty good choice for the pc users.

But Panda antivirus has its own cons. It doesn’t thoroughly clean all found malware. After removal of the malwares certain rootkits still keep running in the system. And also it doesn’t have a good protection against new malware attack. The Safe Browser is a bit bulky and pretty awkward to use.

If the Panda Antivirus can improve in its malware blocking and put some good effort into the overview it’s sure to be a contender for top 5 spot, but until then Panda Antivirus 2012 is good to be at number 10.

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