10 Best Antivirus For Enterprises

10 Best Antivirus For Enterprises

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Bangalore: Running a successful enterprise is all about securing the large amounts of data that the business accumulates over the years as it is this data that helps them to analyze their current stature and help them is designing the policies for the future. The security of an enterprise’s network hold equal importance as an intrusion might lead to disastrous results and can hamper an enterprise in a very bad way.
While starting an enterprise, businesses spend millions of dollars in acquiring the best hardware, smartest set of employees, world-class infrastructure, but given the recent attacks on websites of some of the top notch enterprises not only left a dent on their reputation but left them with huge losses. Thus, it is evident that what should be the top most priority while setting up an enterprise relies in the network and data security that the enterprise has employed.

So, here we present you a list of top ten enterprise antivirus software based on a research conducted by toptenservices.net. This catalogue will help you in finding the best suite for your enterprise security and protect your data and network from all kind of online threats.

Have a look:

10. Avast SBS and Business Solutions
Level of Protection:
7 out of 10
Key Features: Reliable, Cost-effective, Robust, Fast antivirus suite to equip business computers.

Detailed Info: Avast antivirus is developed by a Czech company and is based in a central scanning engine. The Avast Free antivirus is a freeware that is available to the Windows, Mac and Linux users. It is a complete package that provides security solution for enterprises as well as desktops. It works effectively on all Windows platforms and includes fast intrusion detection. Its daily updates ensure the software remains updated and no new malware or virus hit the computer.

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Reader's comments(7)
1: What about Sophos Anti-Virus? Many large corporate enterprises such as banks, military defense contractors and government departments use Sophos Anti-Virus to secure their networks.
Posted by:Richard - 30 Jun, 2013
2: i ve used ESET personal security for single PC. it is the best light weight AV i ever had. But for older OS like XP are more vulnerable to attack.
Of course BitDefender is best.
Posted by:shakti - 18 May, 2013
3: I think Eset is more better than bitdefender
Posted by:Ananthu - 20 Jan, 2013
4: A little correction guys...Eset is not Slovak but Slovenian, great article though.
Posted by:MrKith - 31 Oct, 2012
5: Report seems to be missing McAfee, one of the trusted brand in enterprise AV, for the list
Posted by:vipul sareen - 06 Sep, 2012
May b McAfee did not pay them.
Arif Replied to: vipul sareen - 03 Dec, 2012
7: Thank you SiliconIndia :) Very useful article..
Posted by:Suman - 04 Sep, 2012