The Famed 7 Desi Hackers

Bangalore: Post events that include hacking of some of the biggest websites on the web hacking has reemerged as a trending topic among people. The word ‘hacker’ sure carries a lot of glamour along with it, and this can be seen as a reason that nowadays every other naysayer is prefixing or suffixing his/her name with ‘hacker’. What they don’t understand is that hacking is an art that shall be used to strengthen network security and those who are ‘real hacker’ have worked their way in proving themselves worthy of the title.
So, in order to help one differentiate between a ‘real’ and a ‘self-proclaimed’ hacker, here is a list compiled by blogger Rishabh Dangwal that will give you an idea who the real Indian hackers.
Have a look on these Indian ‘Hacking’ Heroes:

1. Koushik Dutta
Education: Attended Michigan State University
Famed For: Clockworkmod Recovery and ROM manager for Android Rooting.

Brief: Koushik Dutta is famous for his Clockworkmod recovery and ROM manger for Android rooting. A .net developer at heart, he did his internship at Microsoft. He then left Microsoft and decided to hack android phones. He was approached by Sony for his services but he denied the offer.

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