5 Signs for CIOs that Their Cloud Service Provider Can't Handle Tier 1 Apps

Bangalore: Mission critical applications are one of the most important factors in cloud computing and when it comes to migration of these apps to cloud- the task gets heavier. Picking up the right cloud, handling and relocation of the applications, all contributes to the hectic task. The best way to deal with this problem is by bringing in some cloud providers, who focuses on developer services.

“The requirements and capabilities that an organization needs when running a production application are very different than one that's catering to developers," says Craig McLellan, cloud architecture author and chief technology officer of Hosting.com.

So what are tier 1 applications? Applications that provide users with security, infrastructural efficiency, better management, high quality services and dynamic scaling can be readily called as Tier 1 applications.

Tier 1 applications are considered as the most complex and the most critical factor in an enterprise business. Unlike Tier 2 applications, that are used for virtualization processes, tier 1 applications covers different aspects like business, technology and development.

So with that here are 5 important signs for CIOs to lookout on cloud service providers who can’t handle Tier 1 Apps.

#1 When cloud providers focus more on billing rather reliability:

According to Mclellan, CIOs must really take notice on cloud providers who focuses more on developer servicing time, which clearly indicates a bad cloud service provider. Mclellan evidently points out that a matured cloud service provider must always opt for hosting the Tier 1 applications.

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