Top 7 Operating Systems for Server Applications

Top 7 Operating Systems for Server Applications

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Bangalore: We all know that the hardware inside a server is not the only one that contributes the performance, reliability and stability factors. The flipside- the software of the server.

So what is the heart of a server? Without a doubt, it’s the operating system. It’s hard to change an operating system, by stopping the process and work done within the system. Also server systems don’t behave as normal computers, as they require specific configurations and registers, which cannot be customized easily. Selecting the right OS is a pretty tricky situation, as each OS differs in their own configurations, stability, performance, fast serving of static or dynamic pages and database operations.

So with that here’s a compiled list of top 7 operating systems for server applications.

#1 SUSE Linux Enterprise:

An operating system that is mainly best known for its stability and reliability, SUSE Linux is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, brought by Novell. The operating system is the customized version of RHEL. Although not good at performance, the SUSE Linux stand out in reliability and stability, as it keep data intact, operate without fault and is easy to administrate.

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Reader's comments(3)
1: Microsoft does not use freebsd
Posted by:saint - 15 Jan, 2015
2: I wonder on what basis this list has been compiled ??? The list excludes AIX and Hp-UX and yet includes FreeBSD and Mac OS-X Server..there are probably only a handful of Servers that use the Mac OS-X...Overall a misleading list...
Posted by:Anirban Basu - 18 Sep, 2012
3: Nice list....
Posted by:Fallen - 16 Sep, 2012